Monomad challenge || Happy moments

"Nothing shakes the smiling heart.” — Santosh Kalwar

Capturing precious moments, filled with smiles, this was all that made my day.

After a long moment in school, I decided to get home early, since my lectures were over by 2:00pm, we all departed to our various houses, the day was really cold and I think it was raining somewhere close. I got home and I prepared something to it, I had to rest a bit.

When I woke, my sister was back from school and she bought balloons, which from my view will make a very good view. I took her out with her friend to where the sun rays were directing to. I took them couple of shots, and also took pictures of the balloons.


The main reason why I was determined to take these photos was because of the balloon with a smiling figure on it. Due to the black and white photography it's colours are subjected to only black and white colours, it is actually a red balloon which signifies love. The information the picture holds is very large, the happy kids and the smiling balloon, it just shows how happy they were.

PXL_20231124_151249792.PORTRAIT (1).jpg
It's actually a lucky day for them to pick the best balloons. Years back we used to buy them too, it's actually more of a game, it's just a long card with balloons hanging on it, each balloon is given a number, the number is visible on the long balloon card. You will be given a short cards with numbers, but the numbers are not visible only showing decorations of balloons, so it's more of guessing and lucky game, all you would do is to pick any card and the seller would turn the back of the card to check the number attached to it, then refer the to balloon card, checking the corresponding number on the card. Then that's the balloon you're given, some of the balloons vary in sizes, and I think my they were lucky to get the big ones, with nice designs on it.

What I actually love about this balloon is the smile it wears.

  • It tells us that in everything situation we should always wear a smile.
  • A smile is worth more than a thousand words
  • A smile can change our mood all round.
  • Our smiles are communicable, and can affect a sad person.
    We should always give a smile.

Beautiful moments are captured in grand style, I was happy to take this pictures and turn them to @monochromes pictures. There will more of these pictures during the Christmas period, and many lovely balloons will fill the air.

The Christmas season is always a fun filled moment here, everywhere full of merriment and love, cute moments between family members and relatives all coming today to end the year in a grand style.
I will be so glad to take pictures of all the moments, and the designs on the streets and colourful lights, but they will all be subjected to black and white moments, which will give more details to the photograph

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge

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