Introduction to the Hive Community

Hi, I am Trina, 28 years of age, a Registered Nurse, working full time in a hospital here in General Santos City, Philippines. I am an operating room nurse and when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country I volunteered to be part of the Covid team.
This pandemic greatly affected every one of us and has been a contributor to our financial constraints. But a blessing was on our way when my mentor, @xykorlz introduced me to cryptocurrency. I am very grateful for that 😊


I knew of Bitcoin and Ethereum last 2015, but I have judged its capabilities and their impact. Now that I have gained some knowledge and continuous learning, it has been helping me to reach my dreams slowly. I dream to have a family and a home, a farm, and a business to run, an investment that is never dry, and be a successful trader, then retire early (HAHA).

When I heard of NFTs, last year, like my initial reaction to Bitcoin and Ethereum, I doubted their existence. But in the long run, I am enjoying it. I am currently playing the Axie Infinity as a scholar, Splinterlands, and Cryptozoon.
Splinterlands have grown to my liking. Its developers are admirable in that they can make the players enjoy and earn at the same time without getting bored and burn out.


Hive has inspiring content that has motivated me to write blogs that may help the community and future generations. Hearing some insights and advice from people and helping each other to lift their spirits will make this world a better place.

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