Hivebits has integrated with Wusang. Two changes made.

Hivebits (HBIT) has integrated with @Wusang. There are a couple of changes.


Reply to yourself

The reasoning for this change was explained here. But, the upshot is threefold:

  • HBIT was never intended to be a "tip token", but a "you earn from your effort" token.
  • From the start, there was a desire for some randomization to add fun.
  • To hopefully cut back on any possible on-chain spam.

With Hivebits (HBIT), most everything is unchanged: once per day, same commands, three-or-fewer "!" commands allowed, you now get the full 1.0 HBIT (not 0.9). Your effort yields your reward each time.

The only change is that you must now include an HBIT command in a reply to one of your OWN posts or comments.

Bonus treasure tokens?

Hivebits has integrated with Wusang: Isle of Blaq (@Wusang on Hive). Wusang stands for World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game because it is a very simple game of chance. Wusang follows a pirate theme: you are diving and mining for lost treasure.

You have almost a coin-flips chance of receiving a bonus treasure token, such as BLAQ. These tokens are increasingly hard to find and are increasingly scarce.

Read all the details here.

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