Introducing... The !LADY


We have great news.

The LOH token can now be shared!

Yes, you can tip or share the LOH token with anyone in the blockchain. But more importantly, you will earn LOH tokens as well.

All you have to do is to use the command !LADY.

LOH token holders can use the command !LADY in comment and a tip will be sent to the person you are commenting to. Additionally, you earn the same amount of LOH token yourself.

The amount of tokens required to use the command !LADY per 24 hours UTC is shown below:

Amount of TokenCalls per day
25 - 501
51 - 752
76 - 1003
101 - 2504
251 - 5005
501 - 7506
751 - 10007
1001 - 12508
1251 - 15009
1501 - above10

LOH tokens are earned by posting articles in the Ladies of Hive community. As a member of Ladies of Hive, you may be eligible to earn tokens every time you post an article or join a contest in the Ladies of Hive community. You can also buy the LOH token.

You can check your wallet for the number of LOH tokens earned in or TribalDex or LeoDex.

If you are not receiving tokens when you post an article, please contact any Moderator of the community so that we may correct any error immediately.

Okay Ladies of Hive... !LADY away!

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