Chapter 3: How M got hooked

I enjoy working on arts and crafts in different forms, and one of them is crocheting. I first learned how to crochet when I was still in Grade school. I remember going with my cousin in the island where her boyfriend lived. Since I would be there almost every summer, I gained friends, too. One of them was a girl, who is a few years older than I am. One time, when I visited her in their house, I saw her sitting near their gate with a ball of string and metal stick---which I later learned were actually yarn and hook. I asked her questions and watched keenly as she twisted and turned the hook. I couldn't remember it exactly, but I bet I was amazed and confused at the same time. Haha

I hang out with her until later that day, and soon asked if I could try. She patiently explained how to hold the yarn and how to move the hook. I made a loooong strand of single crochets then, because that was all I knew! Hahaha But I felt proud. Eventually, I guess she taught me how to make rows of stitches, too, because when I went back to the City, I bought my own yarn and hook. I could recall how I went to the market near our home to look for a yarn. And then I visited several small stores around to ask for a hook. Luckily, I found one! The lady asked me what number of hook I was looking for, and I was left confused. I mean, why do hooks need to have numbers??? How on earth would I know which one I needed? Hahah. I just told the saleslady that any hook number will do. I guess things worked well 'cause I somehow ended up creating pieces with them.

When I was already in High School, I would always visit a specific craft store, everytime my family would go to the mall. Sometimes I would buy a yarn, other times I would just look at the crafty items and secretly wish I would have all of them. Most of my early projets were either a phone pouch or pen pouch. And I remember not knowing how to fasten or end the project, because I never got to ask my friend in the island. Haha So I just kinda figured it out. My projects were surely not fastened well or neatly, but they worked out anyway. Haha

This was one of my first few projects, so this pouch is already more or less 10 years old! I recently saw this, which surprised me. I didn't know that Mama kept this! Such a cutieee.

Years passed and I eventually stopped crocheting. At the back of my head, I knew I know how to do it, but I just didn't find the interest to continue creating. It has been yeaaaars ago since I last made a project. Until July this year (2021) came, and something in me sparked again. I just found myself looking up crochet yarns and hooks online.

While looking at posts online, I learned that aside from the hook numbers, there are also tons of different types of yarns. I wanted my hobby to be as environment-friendlly as possible, so I searched on that topic as well. I watched videos, explaining the hook numbers, yarn types and yarn weight. My mind was blown away and my interest grew some more.

When my first batch of yarn and hooks arrived, I was super kilig! Hahaha I started creating right away! I was amazed on how my hand still remembered how to hold the yarn and hook, but since it has been ages since I last held them, there was still an adjustment period.

The first project that I worked on was a cover for my water bottle. I followed a tutorial video on most parts, but there was something I wanted to do for the top part, so I freehanded that instead. Because I watched various videos before creating, I somehow got a grasp of some basic ways to tweak the project. Yay! I got super excited, that I used up the ball of yarn in just one day! Hahahha

I initially posted my crochet projects in my Digital Art account on IG, but I felt like I would probably crochet a loooooot, so I made a separate IG account for them. I named it, mgothooked !

I consider myself a beginner in the world of crocheting, so I just posted whatever project I was working on, and continued on practicing to be better. I love creating so much, I end not not knowing what to do with the finished products, so I made some as gifts to my friends. One of them brought the headband with ears that I gave her to work, and her workmates loved it. Several of them ordered from me, which was overwhelming, especially because I haven't officially announced that I would accept orders. One order came after the other, which I am super grateful for!

One thing I love about crocheting is that it gives me a headspace. That is one reason why I prefer doing freehand designs rather than following a pattern. I enjoy making rows and rows of stitches freely while binge-watching (haha) than going back to a pattern as I progress. But of course, since I am fairly a beginner, I still rely to tutorials and free patterns from time to time, especially when it comes to making amigurumis. Hihi.

I hope that more people will appreciate crocheting as much as I do, so I am thinking about posting bits and pieces about the craft here. Who knows? At least one of my readers will eventually get hooked, too!

Stay sane and safe!
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