LIMITED SET ON HIVE - How To Participate on The Eradicators


How To Be Part Of The Airdrop

Starting on 16th December:

This Set of NFTs is part of the HK ecosystem, and that means are useful in all our actual and future blockchain games! The eradicators is a collection of 10 avatars that you need and we're preparing an airdrop for you.

There are 2 ways to participate in one of the best airdrops on HIVE:

How Many NFTs Will I Get?

Because you deserve it, we're airdropping 15000 PACKS in this exclusive promotion, each pack contains 3 random avatars from this NFT collection.

  • For each 2 Farming Wars factories purchased you will get 1 NFT PACKS
  • 50 NFT PACKS will be dropped daily to the BUDS stakers at the awesome style of SPS airdrop of @splinterlands.

Can I Buy The NFTs?

Just 35000 PACKS will be available for sale starting on 16th December. The eradicators will be a very limited edition of NFTs available for $1.25 per pack, but you can GET THEM FOR JUST $0.80 on its first launching day using BUDS as a payment method.

Stay tuned on our Discord for the link.

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For your comfort we integrated our liquidity pool directly in our games, so you don't need to leave the website to acquire BUDS from the market.

¿ How can i join Hashkings NOW?

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Join our Discord and we will help you to find the perfect game for you :)

Help us to build the future on HIVE

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