!KING Hive Command Is Coming To Hashkings

Kings and Queens of Hashkings

The King! Command

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We're excited to announce the launch of the "KING! command" is LIVE NOW!!, the ultimate tool for showing your love and appreciation to fellow Hive authors.

You can also use !QUEEN to call the same command

With just a simple comment, you can now send them a token of your affection and brighten up their day!

We believe that rewarding great content creators is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the Hive community, and the "KING! command" is our way of making that experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Whether you're a seasoned Hive veteran or just getting started, you can now use your HK avatar's XP to send a symbolic gift to an author and show them your support.

Here's how it works:

  • Initially the command will work with the XP of your HK active avatar
  • If you meet the XP requirements, you just need to write "!KING" in the post of the author you want to reward.

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XP Requirement:

  • 1 use per day: 5000 XP
  • 2 uses per day: 10000 XP
  • 3 uses per day: 15000 XP
  • 4 uses per day: 20000 XP
  • 5 uses per day: 25000 XP
  • 6 uses per day: 30000 XP
  • 7 uses per day: 35000 XP
  • 8 uses per day: 40000 XP
  • 9 uses per day 45000 XP
  • 10 uses per day: 50000 XP

But that's not all. Cause we added 5 daily uses more for all of you that have the following tiers of BUDS staked

1 use per day - 25000 BUDS
2 uses per day - 50000 BUDS
3 uses per day - 75000 BUDS
4 uses per day - 100000 BUDS
5 uses per day- 125000 BUDS

XP uses and STAKING uses are independent from each other, so you can go for both or just the one you like the most :)


At the @hk-gifts account, there will be 5 tokens from the Hashkings ecosystem available:

Each token has a 20% chance of being sent, and when they are sent, they are in the following quantities:

  • 50 BUDS
  • 50 EXP
  • 0.075 FT
  • 0.025 Avatar Pack
  • 0.05 SOULS

Personalized messages

And finally, we're proud to offer a huge list of personalised support messages for you to support your favorite authors. Whether you're congratulating an author on a great post, encouraging them to keep going, or simply saying thank you, you don't have to worry about find ing the perfect words to express your feelings.


Your hard work has paid off @hashkings!, @hivekings is grateful for the passion and commitment you put into this post. Keep up the amazing work

Updates and Giveaway!

And that's not all! We're already working on an update for the "KING! command" that will allow you to use BUDS for staking and HP delegation, so stay tuned for even more rewards and benefits!

To kick things off, we're giving away a mysterious prize to the first 10 users who tag a friend and tell them about the "KING! command". Spread the word and be one of the lucky winners!

The "KING! command" is live now!!!!, we're gonna announce it first in our discord. and everyone is welcome in our server to learn how to get an avatar and charge it with XP. Join the conversation, meet other Hashkings players, and discover all the ways you can enjoy our games and ecosystem!

Help us to build the future on HIVE

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