Weekend in the study of caves in Bulgaria..


Hello hello.. friends this weekend I will tell you how I had an amazing adventure in the forests of Bulgaria where the great Snezhanka cave is located


first I want to describe to you the difficulty I experienced while climbing the great high eco-trails that we had to go through to see this amazing cave
this day we decided to explore the caves of Bulgaria our native country and embarked on an endless adventure in which we decided to visit the cave that participates in the 100 types of destinations in Bulgaria
honestly the route was about 1 kilometer was not who knows what but it was quite strange and quite difficult for most people There were even paths that were somehow indisputably difficult and There were people who refused the road even if they did not reach this goal and there were also as well as signs that motivated us a little more Go a little more and you will reach the goal and all sorts of such motivating things to stimulate us to go to Snezhanka cave




after a very diligent climb and a lot of motivation from passers-by we often greeted each other, we were quite sociable and motivated each other because there were people who had even taken sticks to support them and we reached the entrance of the cave with a smile on our faces. from this bungalow that I photographed for you, a ticket was a bit forbidden in the cave, to be honest and we put it in the backpack and she, as a big baby, looked at everything with us only from the backpack. 😁









And here we are already in the cave Cave that made me goosebumps the moment I saw it I looked around and I could not believe my eyes what I see what a miracle nature is and what unique things it can create now I will tell you a little about the cave I wish you enjoy reading and looking at photos

The cave was discovered on January 5 1870. From the cavemen researchers Boris Karalev, Georgi Zlarmov and Dimitar Kotsev. Specialists explore many caves but this cave even if it is not the largest is one of the most beautiful. According to experts the cave is about 2.7 million years old and was formed under the influence of the waters of the Novomakhlenska River. It is an amazing cave that shows the elegance of the rock formations









Snezhanka cave is unmarried and built of six halls. The last two are not lit and are closed to visitors, but you can still look at what they contain because they are closed and there is only a slight limiter honestly as it was quite slippery even two or three times I slipped it was good to hold on to something more stable as it and most caves have a high percentage of humidity The length of the cave is only 136m but is extremely rich in stalagmites, stalactites, stalactites, sinter ponds and draperies of different sizes. The temperature here is constant all year round and does not exceed 9, 2 degrees, and the humidity reaches 98%. That's why it's good to always have an outer garment on hand. We even changed our clothes at the entrance because the temperature outside and the cave inside have a radical difference and it is not good for the body to change so sharply in temperature. If you decide to visit this cave, I recommend that you bring warm clothes















It gets its good name from the snow-white deposits, formed millions of years ago and frozen in bizarre shapes - "Dolphin", "Karakachanka", "Statue of Liberty", "Dwarfs", "Parrot", as well as the eponymous "Snow White" - stalagmite with the shape of a girl waiting for her prince. The beautiful cave consists of several beautiful halls: the "Udder Hall", the "Great Hall", the "Music Hall", which are connected with the Landslide, over which a bridge passes. In the "Magic Hall" the last accessible to visitors is the figure resembling the fairytale heroine Snow White who gave the name of the cave. The story is as beautiful as the cave itself. edge each corner has its place and time to grind to its beautiful amazing shape in a cave called by many names but left forever and remembered by young and old name Snow White..








as far as we found out in the cave we can meet several species of bats but unfortunately we did not meet any although I had a great desire to see a bat because I have never seen such an animal and I was interested to see I have visited and so and few caves, one of which is Prohodna again Bulgaria and the other was Skakavitsa in which Peshtera we even entered with special costumes with which they immersed me in the water and with which we climbed the walls of the cave because there was a new crane Adventure in which we with the boats and as there are places where there was quite deep water in the cave where there was no way to walk just like that and it was quite interesting to see amazing beauty as well as beauty and emotion because the adrenaline I felt then I can not describe compared to this Era That one was much higher much bigger much wider and much more dangerous because in this Cave you can enter calmly and walk and look at yourself as Oh, and to take pictures And in that Cave I didn't even have time to get my phone out and they didn't help because we had to dive into water with very low oxygen and it was quite dangerous there because even one person got stuck in his legs and in general the adrenaline was on Max I can't deny But honestly I'm attracted to exactly such things, so I recommend the five caves that I have personally visited, you will like it depends on who likes what, but still if you want something calmer and I recommend Snezhanka Cave. to visit


in this photo you notice I hope that a parrot is formed in the rock formation and it was quite interesting for me Because I had never seen such a thing and it really was just like a parrot with the shape of the beak winged tail and absolutely everything you can imagine as a feature of a parrot Even the way he looked at me But honestly it was quite difficult for me to photograph him because there was absolutely no light in the cave and we had to shoot at night or just do everything possible to see all the shadows in the photo so I can provide you with Just as great as I see live so you can feel the emotion I felt while exploring this unique Cave


















and here already came out of the cave frozen is so amazed admiration and inspiration even Hera was quite bristly as it was quite cold inside but we at the expense of it was cuddling was quite extremely interesting adventure was quite useful for us to learn a little information about our lands for our Cave and for our past during which they were formed.


now We continue to see a beautiful panoramic view to take some fresh air and go to eat somewhere because We are quite tired of all this Science and incredibly beautiful natural sights








Honestly there is not much to say here I have much more to show you so I present you all the pictures with pleasure and I hope you embark on this adventure with me I hope I have shown you what I felt the aces I have described it to you in the best possible way I will be happy if you share your stories with me I am a breath of fresh air to explore the world To study everything every cave every every hill to climb a tent pitched in the woods scammers in the river to talk to animals and all sorts of things that maybe nowadays I'm not very normal for people in with a fast we have a lifestyle of what to tell you I am one of those children of the 70's who like to get to know the world in a way that you can deal with so far, if anything, and to consult every person they want to deal with, not to be locked in houses with and bring it to the world and get to know it as much as possible because that is why our lives are given to enjoy the things around us

Greetings from me

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