SplinterLands:: My Strategy with Chaos Legion Card Packs, Vouchers & SPs

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I will keep this post simple and talk about the strategy that I've framed in order to buy the new card packs which is named - Chaos Legion
By now most of you will be familiar with the Voucher concept that has been introduced. If not, you can get the detail here - Chaos Legion Set & Presale Info

What for Vourchers?

In a nutshell, a player needs to have Vouchers so as to buy the new card packs - Chaos Legion. There will be close to 33,333.333 VOUCHER tokens will be created daily & distributed over the course of the 30 presale period. In all 1 Million Vouchers will be distributed. So altogether if we assume all the players who get the Vouchers in a day and decide to buy the card packs. Then in a day there can be only close to 33,333 cards pack be sold. But this is not going to be the case as players would like to leverage the addition Bonus Card Packs for buying in bulk. The bonuses that are being offered are as follows::

100 - 499 - 10% additional pack bonus
500 - 1999 - 15% additional pack bonus
2000+ - 20% additional pack bonus

How to get Vouchers?

Simple it is, you stake SPS token which is the governance token of the game Splinterlands; you get the Vouchers. The more SPS you stake the more chances of you getting the Vouchers %gae is more. As an example lets have a look at my scenario of SPS staked at the moment::


  • SPS stake is close to 41K+
  • Total SPS staked in the system is 105 Mil.

Let's assume that this is going to be the scenario when the Voucher distribution starts and the SPS stake in the system stays 105 Mil. & my SPS stake also remains 41K+

Formula to getting Vouchers::

Vouchers = Your SPS Staked / Total SPS Staked in System * 33,333.333

Vouchers I get = 41000 / 105000000 * 33,333.333 = 13.015

But this is not going to be the real scenario as the amount of SPS being staked in the system is increasing at an alarming rate.

My Strategy with Chaos Legion Card Packs, Vouchers & SPs

I want to get to a point where I have close to::

  • 50K+ SPS staked
  • DECs collection stage; get close to 200K+ DECs

Collect as many DECs as I can so that it increases my chances of getting more SPS tokens AirDropped.

Finally, when the Vouchers start getting distributed - I want to buy packs immediately. I want to leverage the offer that is being given for buying in bulk and get the Bonus Card Packs. I think that I should be able to reach to a point that I've 100 Vouchers and buying with SPs I get another discount of 10% would be the way to go.

At the same time when the Vouchers hit the market for trading. I'm sure the price of it is going to surge and I hope it would easily cross the $10+ mark. It's a wait-and-watch game. But for me the strategy is simple, I am going to accumulate Vouchers and leverage the Bonus Card Packs and see if I can buy more packs incase I get more Vouchers maybe 200+ :-)

Have Your SAY....

What's your strategy with regards to the new cards pack that comes out in October? Are you staking your SPS tokens to get more Vouchers?


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