I am eSteemian contest Winners 🎉


Almost two weeks ago we've reached 3000+ users in our Discord server wishing to celebrate that we've announced I am eSteemian contest which is over and we will reward 300 SBD in total to our users as being promised.

And the Winners are...

eSteem is giving away 5x50 and 5x10 SBD prizes. So total we should have 10 winners this time.

It was hard to choose the winners so we involved almost the whole team and voted for the preferences. There they are.

50 SBD Winners

@raghao | Portrait
@pizzapai | Playful Flowers
@jejes | Kissfull Drawing
@waybeyondpadthai | Flight Disco
@anggreklestari | Copywriter Slogan

10 SBD winners

@rosatravels | Design Effort
@iamjadeline | Advertising Tryout
@celineaugustinee | eSteem Rap
@ecoinstant | Commercial Advert
@iwansunarya | Created Textile

We want to thank all who was taking part in this contest. Winners will get their SBD within 24 hours.

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