eSteem Search is now opensource, hivemind plugin!


Recently announced eSteem Search engine built on top of hivemind is now opensource. If you are developer who would like to fork, pull, push, commit... please feel free to suggest changes and improvements. Both Hivemind and/or eSteem Search can use improvements and input from community developers.

eSteem Search at gives an ability to search anything on Steem blockchain.

It is powered by Elasticsearch which is specifically designed for search engines. Hivemind uses PostgreSQL as a database core and from our preliminary research, we found that search using PostgreSQL would require strong hardware setup to index all content. But with Elasticsearch you could manage/index really fast search engine for entire blockchain.

eSteem Search is similar to Google but indexing and content is from Steem and there are few options to sort search results and use regular expressions, but it is quite extendable.

For example if you want to search recent posts about Steemfest just type steemfest type:post and choose sort by Date


Source code is open and available to everyone here:

This is first plugin which works with work in progress hivemind project that will power communities. We are closely monitoring this project and internally testing many possibilities. We have plans on expanding eSteem Search into something bigger than just search that you can integrate into your apps. More on that tomorrow in our presentation at SteemFest...

Stay tuned for future announcements!

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