eSteem Presentation at Steemfest3

Presentation Cover

Here all of our slides are we've been presenting yesterday at Steemfest3 on stage.

eSteem Mobile 2.0

History Mobile

You may remember an old look of Legacy eSteem Mobile and here is a transition to new look. We are expecting to release working alpha eSteem Mobile 2 version this month.

Mobile 2

Mobile 2

Mobile more

Here few more screenshots of future eSteem Mobile user interface we've posted earlier.

eSteem Surfer 2.0

History Surfer

Then goes our desktop application for Steem. Legacy 1.x version old look and transition to the new one. We've released eSteem Surfer 2.0.0 alpha yesterday. It's available for download and we really need your help on testing.

Surfer 2 Screens

Surfer wallet


Enjoy new look and please do comment and suggest improvements on it. You can get Surfer 2 alpha from our official site and keep checking the news of @esteemapp and @good-karma for eSteem Mobile 2 release. It will be there soon.

Hivemind & SMT, Search, Communities and Exchange

Our eSteem Search is build on top of Hivemind and we just made it opensource recently.


Communities will work on top of Hivemind in Steem. We already started discovering possibilities to work with that and here is our first draft vision on how communities may look like in general.


We are all expecting SMT to come in Spring of 2019 and we will have plenty of new tokes created on top of Steem, so we will need a service to exchange them. As to keep our new styling look across the products, we will have very similar approach on UX/UI and we call it eSteemX (X is for exchange).


Future Roadmap

Here our plans for future releases of eSteem products. Dates and applications can change depending on the state of market but we hope to deliver new great products for you in coming years.

Future Roadmap

eSteem Meetup

We have just had our meet up in Steemfest3, HEVRE at 17:00 today. More details in this post. We will prepare post about results of this meetup tomorrow. Our team had good time interacting with everyone who came, we give out some swags, played game, drinks, etc.



Presentation video

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