eSteem Mobile v2 - Android release

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We are thrilled to announce our first public build of eSteem Mobile v2 for Android devices. This release is open beta, take it as an alpha release because we will be update app frequently.

We have build eSteem v2 with competitive user interface that can stand among traditional social app (facebook, twitter, reddit, medium, vk, ok, etc.). Wrote it from scratch with performance, best security in mind.

This is a special release that was one of our biggest milestones for 2018 and New Year surprise to the whole eSteem Family.

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What is working

  • Steemconnect login and regular login
  • Feed browsing (user/trending/hot etc)
  • Advanced search engine utilizing our
  • Upvotes with percentage
  • Posts & Comments creation and edits
  • Multi-accounts
  • Basic wallet transactions view without transfers yet
  • Notifications
  • Activity center
  • Night mode
  • Server connection change
  • Language change (only English and Turkish languages for now)

Prototype Screens

Some screenshots from prototype mockups you might have already seen. You can compare it with current state of app. We are pretty close to that sketch now.


State of iOS app

iOS application is built every time we are building Android version. So alpha for iOS is ready as well but we are in process of review by Apple's AppStore. You might know that AppStore review might take multiple iterations especially for crypto related apps, but rest assured we will be doing our best to get it approved. We are expecting to release iOS alpha version as soon as it will be approved by AppStore team.


We are looking to test it together with our users on as many devices and accounts as you have access to! Please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded.


We at eSteem believe in opensource development, for that reason majority of our products are opensourced. eSteem Mobile is not exception from that as well. You can access and read source code what it is doing behind the scenes and if you are developer, please use to submit changes, bug fixes, pull requests.


Together we build future! Steem on!

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