eSteem iOS: v1.5.1 released, Bug fixes, Golos removed and other changes

We are pleased to announce next release of eSteem mobile for iOS. From this release we have removed support for Golos and fixed number of bugs. Update should be available within few hours depends where you are located and AppStore crawling schedules. If you want to report a bug, issues or suggestions, make some tutorials feel free to do them via Utopian in here eSteem or do it directly in Github issues page. You can download APK for Android and IPA for iOS directly from official github releases page, you can also build your local version from github, don't trust any other sources when downloading application!

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here

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What's new

  • Golos support removed
  • Started gradual clean up source code and performance improvements
  • Server list updated
  • Server selection bug fixed
  • Pincode screen bug fix
  • Reputation bug fix
  • Download image bug fix
  • Follower count inconsistency fix
  • Search done button improved
  • Keyboard overlap while writing post improved
  • Clarity to tag selection loop or confusion
  • Photo/image orientation detection
  • iOS related keyboard and other bug fixes
  • Visibility of Voting slider in night mode improved
  • Post language selection improved
  • Visibility of Filters in Landscape view improved
  • Beneficiaries from 5% to 10%, expanding development team, server costs
  • Update language translations
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and typos
  • Other changes will be featured in later posts


AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.5.1 Google Play - Android - v1.5.1
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We appreciate reviews and feedbacks on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well as ProductHunt.

If you have suggestions or found a bug, please report them here with comments or on Github or on Utopian and we will work on them as soon as we can.

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