Another Travel Escapade Part 3: Kemda Coral Mountain Peak | Manticao Misamis Oriental

Another great day to all of us and God Bless!!!

Here I am again everyone would like to share another travel escapade I have done so far this month of July. Past few days, I have shared already some of the amazing and heart-stopping tourist spots here in my place which is Sayre Highlands Dragon Fruit Farm and Red Mountain View, for this blog I will again going to share another tourist spot here in my place, the municipality of Manticao the Province of Misamis Oriental, the name will Kemda Coral Mountain Peak.

Our municipality has many evolving tourist spots that will attract more tourists to visit and enjoy it. Based on my experience, everyone will never be disappointed if you visit the place. Kemda Coral Mountain Peak is not that too far unlike the previous tourist spot I've shared before because it took only 20 minutes of riding a motorcycle to arrive in the place in which the precious 2 tourist spots I've shared can be approximately 40 minutes of travel.

The first time you can see when you arrive in the place is this beautiful waiting area where you can take a pic on it and even you can saw the wonderful and amazing view that surrounds the place.

Here is another stunning view we could enjoy in this tourist spot, we can enjoy what they've created, a chain with a heart share in which we can see the mountainous part with the beautiful scenery of the ocean. I can always imagine that our God is really good for He had created this wonderful and amazing nature that we can enjoy now.

Here is another amazing scenery they've created: a hand shape and can go there up to 5 people and then took some pictures on it. What they've created really is an asset for them as this will attract more people to visit this place as they saw someone shared on social media. You can definitely only the greatness of God's creation here and enjoy the freshness of the air and other scenery that we can see here.

There will be ongoing construction of some of their scenery here to attract more people to visit this place and I am too excited to go back here and see the new attractions they've added. The last view we stopping by here is these banners with red, yellow and orange and it was also beautiful to look at, I really don't know the meaning of this but it is very attractive and took some pictures. We went to our house with smiles on our faces and we that God for that for everything He is worthy to be praised and thank for everything He had created.

This would be all for today and I will share again another travel escapade soon with other tourist spots here in my place.

To God be the Glory!!!

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