The Fairy in Niludhan Falls


This is one of my special place.
I was born here. Something special about this nature that I'm so in love. This is where I always find myself every time I'm visiting my parents, and they know where to find me whenever I can't be found in the farm or in the spring. If only this waterfalls can talk, then you would definitely know half of my lifes' story. I'm glad I can count on it, my secrets are safe 😄 Well, not that interesting,books, stonebalancing, staring blanks most of the time...that's all it would tell you.


Niludhan Falls is one of the pride in my Home town, an eye catching place in Barangay Dawis, Bayawan City , Negros oriental.

Why is it called Niludhan ( means kneel down) because of local stories that the water buffalos used in farming must kneel after crossing the top part of the falls because of the rough and rugged trail.

Traveling from Dumaguete to Bayawan, and from Bayawan to Mabinay will allow you to so many attention-grabbing views and glimpse at the provincial life of the residents of Negros Oriental. The lanscape of the mountains,its greenery,wide rice field, sugar canes fields and rivers. The road from Sitio Gamao- which is my hometown, going to the falls is a 20 kilometer, all road are cemented so traveling is now convenince and would only take less than 15 minutes and you'll get the view the spectacular waterfalls.











It's not populted area and no commercial establishment yet. You may bring food if you prefer staying longer. But no need to worry if you like traveling light, they also have little fastfood in the drop-off. Coffee, soft drinks, juices, bottles are also available.


My sister and I were so excited that we came here so early in the morning, we were chasing fogs and sunrise. She's much like me when it comes to living nature.




Look at the devastation typhoon Odette has brought! Boulders were turned upside downand in every direction. The cottages that were situated on the side were also washed out. Upon looking at these evidence, we can tell the strenght of the current and how big was that flashflood.Nevertheless, it's still magnefiecent and didn't destroy that much.

image_2022_08_30T04_50_25_633Z (1).png

Niludhan Falls is just a 5 minute walk form the drop-off spot and you can view it from the road,going down the falls you just need to use the stairs going to the basin of the pool.


image_2022_08_30T04_51_26_563Z (1).png


Campers are also welcome here. They have three cottages available for overnight stay. This is off-grid area. No internet available but you can always charge your gadget beacuse electricity has already reached in this municipality. They also provided guard on duty to provide saftey and conveniency for the tourist if you need something, you can approach him. He's super friendly.
One thing you need to know, living in this unpopulated area is even safer than to city, locals are very helpful and respectful.They would even help you if you get lost and would feel so honor to give you a glass of water if you are thirsty, and or hand you food if you are hungry. This is my place, its culture, and its moral behavior.



This photo was taken last year when I was visited my mom. So majectic!!! It always leave me speechless. Maybe it's time for you to include this in your bucket list.
How do you find this place?

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