What is CumRocket Cryptocurrency (CUMMIES)?

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CumRocket cryptocurrency (CUMMIES), aims to provide a subscription platform and NFT marketplace for 18+ content.

Move over Dogecoin, the market has gone peak meme coin this week by pumping a cryptocurrency called CumRocket.

Think OnlyFans... but on 'the blockchain', as they so eloquently put it on their website.

So let's dive deeper and try to answer the question, what is CumRocket cryptocurrency below.

What is CumRocket?

CumRocket aims to allow content creators to monetise their content by selling both originals and subscriptions.

Typically their market is porn but just like on OnlyFans, there's a wide range of... other niche content.

Hey, there's no kink shaming here!

But what's the difference between OnlyFans and CumRocket?

While OnlyFans has allowed content creators to connect with and sell direct to consumers, you're still at the mercy of a centralised service.

By allowing content to be packaged, offered and sold as NFTs, the idea is this allows content creators to truly own their own content.


I'd argue that this can't actually be achieved running their own BEP20 with questionable token allocation behind it, but we'll see.

As we always seem to say here, why didn't CumRocket just set up as a community on the Hive blockchain?

On Hive they would have been able to do everything they intend to do, but fairer, faster and with no transaction fees.

The CumRocket Subscription Platform

But the plan for CumRocket is to go it alone, building their own subscription platform with the tokenomics running on BSC.

The slated launch date is Q3, but the jargon used on their website doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that they know what they're doing.

Things like the following quote taken from their website:

"Featured (ideas around holding a certain amount of $CUMMIES in your wallet in order to appear on the featured creators page)"

I mean reading that doesn't exactly fill you with confidence, right?

Anyway, here are a few screenshots that show their current mockups of what the CumRocket subscription platform may look like:

CumRocket subscription platform, featured page concept:
CumRocket subscription platform, featured page concept

CumRocket subscription platform, home page concept:
CumRocket subscription platform, home page concept

CumRocket subscription platform, NFT concept:
CumRocket subscription platform, NFT concept

Either way, the mockups of the platform certainly look cool.

CumRocket NFP Marketplace

While the subscription platform looks like it could solve some real problems for adult content creators, the NFT marketplace does look a little dodgy.

I guess any sex-themed meme coin in 2021 needs to also be pushing NFTs if they want to show up on Google.

I'll let you go and check out cumrocketnft.com yourself where the official marketing spiel is that CumRocket is already collaborating with real models, while their NFTs can even feature full adult films!

Does this solve the problem of subscription-only content being shared or on-sold elsewhere?


You could even argue that by turning your porn into NFTs, it makes this problem 100x worse.

Other than allowing content creators the ability to temporarily mark up the prices on their content to ride the NFT hype, I can't really find a positive here.

An interesting discussion is sure to be had around this topic.

What is the Utility of the CUMMIES token?

Being a blockchain based project, CumRocket also cums with it's own cryptocurrency - The CUMMIES token.

CUMMIES is billed as a deflationary token that will be used as a tipping, messaging, custom request and sexting currency on the CumRocket platforms we've spoken about above.

The token also features a 5% tax on every transaction.

2.5% is burned automatically, while the other 2.5% will be redistributed to holders.

It sounds cool, but not sure how this actually encourages spending of CUMMIES when you're getting taxed like a mofo.

I don't really want to talk about Hive's inflation based model that features a rewards pool again, but there are surely better tokenomics models out there than that.

Should I buy CumRocket Cryptocurrency?

Haha, go for it.

It sounds funny and the marketing team have got influencers talking about it everywhere I look.

Heck, CumRocket has even featured on the Bill Maher show for fucks sake!

All publicity is good publicity after all.

This is in no way financial advice, don't be a moron.

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.
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This CumRocket blog is exclusive to leofinance.io.

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