Bryan, having heard that his mother had just kicked the bucket at midnight, all his senses were shut down, he felt he was the only one left in the world and in shock he left the hospital, ignoring his father's call.

"Bryan, Bryan, Bryan..."

Bryan ran to his scooter that his mother gave to him as a birthday gift when he turned fifteen. It boomed to life and he left the hospital riding back home without caring if he broke the traffic laws. As he got to the bridge that connects his town to the city, he pulled over and came down from his scooter. Then walk to the edge of the bridge to look at the river below the bridge while held onto the bridge's iron rails.


Bryan was still in shock when he finally let the tears which had gathered around his eyes begin to drip down his cheek. He cried bitterly and screamed to the dark night while he held onto the rails tightly. Anger began to build up inside of him as he decided he was going to drown himself with the scooter. He went over to scooter and rode it into the river in an attempt to commit suicide so he could not feel the pain he was feeling anymore. Plunk! Bryan and his scooter fell into the river. As Bryan was sinking deep into the bottom of the river, his mother appeared to him looking eerie and shadowy. She was either dead or alive and she said as her voice echoed into Bryan's mind


"Bryan, I promise that I will always be with you at all times, why did you do this? I need you to wake up! Bryan woke up!"

Immediately, he struggled with his scooter as he came up for air and began to swim to the edge of the river. He dragged out the scooter and saw that it was beaming with light. Bryan stepped aside as he saw the law of physical being broken. Droplets of water, floating in the cold night air and returning back into the river. The scooter was left dry without a single drop of water as if it never fell into the river.

Bryan's mind begins to spiral with lots of thoughts and questions. Then he climbed back on the scooter and it's engine roared to life. Bryan began to ride his scooter back home, but something supernatural happened on the way. A time loop happened, the scooter automatically assumed control and sped into a blackhole that suddenly to appeared in the middle of the road. Before he could realise he wasn't anywhere close to home, it was too late.

As the scooter went into the blackhole, Bryan's memories with his mother a year ago before cancer took her away began to unravel within the blackhole, then he felt a familiar scent, touch and warmth. Scent of crushed Raspberry, with a hint of mint and lemon. No one else except his mother had that scent. He looked back and saw his mother riding on the scooter with him.

"My beautiful boy, at last we rode again this one last time". Bryan's mother said.

"Mama, how long will this ride last?" Bryan replied with tears around his eyes.

"Don't not fret, I will always be with you and always ride with you as long as you have the scooter with you."

Bryan's mother said as she turned into sparkling snowflakes, her voice echoed and the blackhole spewed him out as it closed up. Bryan regained control of the scooter and he rode home with happiness in his heart. Thereon after Bryan always felt closer to his mother and everywhere he went to, his mother was always with him

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