eSteem Monthly Digest: May 2018


Hi guys, this is our first monthly recap of all the major interesting news worth reading to check if you've missed anything regarding our project. We had been dreaming to start such an open letters for ages and finally found some human resourses to write it.

5yeeorq3w0.pngeSteem Surfer Release: May 2018 was important month for eSteem because we finally released eSteem Surfer (Steem Desktop Client) which we had been working on for few months and now are going to share an updates with you every week. Latest 1.0.2 release.
xk5cggwn3n.pngNew Site: Next two things: 1. We have aquired a new domain name and moved our official site there. Plus we've made nice and fresh redesign for it. Celebrating new site opening we've runned small and easy contest.
3tsbxv3tvp.png![4chlas9urc.png]( Contest: In collaboration with @sndbox we've runned eSteem Crypto Art & Design Challenge as well. Rocking with unexpected great results. Strong illustrators and designers participated in that event creating their masterpices.
lrhulznumq.pngEncouragement programs: 1. Upvotes for our users for great content posted via eSteem. Might be good support for newcomers. Check the original post to get the requirements. 2. Using eSteem you are automatically ranked. Top users get's monthly rewards.
3ci7r47n2q.pngTips & Tricks: Long time haven't posted tips on using eSteem Mobile, restarted + launched same for Surfer as well. Using drafts & schedules. How to keep different signatures in the app. Meet the Favorites. Always up to date builds from git.

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