Hive Projects weekly update: 4 projects added, 183 listed in total!

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Newly added projects

Universal Hive Bot

Team: @assassyn

Category: Bots

Description: A simple bot to automate the basic task on the HIVE network. The idea is to automate the basic selling, buying, staking, and stake delegation so users do not have to do it every day.
All active hive users who tend to stake and delegate at least 3+ tokens t various projects every day, who are tired of how slow HIVE Engine and other DEXes are.

Universal Hive Bot on

The Hive Mobile App

Team: @sagarkothari88

Category: Generic Hive Interfaces

Description: The Hive mobile app is a web-based platform that provides a streamlined interface to enhance the mobile user experience.

The Hive Mobile App on


Team: @rarelyhere, @phenith

Category: Games

Description: Lead a team of your Splinterlands cards into battle against bosses!!
Climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Splinterforge on


Team: @pleo1542, @ztinger, @eliezer65, @lavino, @cerdosalvaje, @alicia2022, @osomar357, @nahueldare3627

Category: Games

Description: It is a "Click to Earn" Game created by the Virtual World community, with a System that will allow players to generate benefits through three (04) lands, two (2) of Bone Token production and one (1) of energy production


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