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Good News First!


The fire really took a lot out of me and my family over here. Losing your home and beloved four-legged furry family members, is not easy. The motivation to do anything suffers. The stamina is drained from you like the water in a solitary desert oasis. Just getting out of bed most days, has been a challenge. But, the show must go on, if not for me, for my little princesses counting on me to be that unstoppable force.

And so, I have. I've been trying my best to arrange The Block Party II and have had several hang-ups there as well. Some sponsors didn't come through in a timely manner as they had promised, a few artists backed out and the timing of the fire in the midst of it all just really punched me in the gut. I almost cancelled it.

The main thing that has kept me in a corner in fight or flight mode, has been the insurance paperwork. I had to fill out these inventory sheets of all the things that were in the house. Talk about the most depressing walk down memory lane you'll ever take! Fuck. But, they are finished now! That is part of the good news. The other part, is that my insurance has totaled the house and decided to give me max allowances for compensation on everything.

Granted, one cannot replace a dog that you have known for 13 years. I mean, that's over 25% of my lifespan! You cannot replace the pictures taken before the digital era. You cannot replace the cherished artwork from all the kids. Hell, my office door was a gallery on its own! You cannot replace nor substitute sentimental value, so, I hold tight the memories. Moving on.

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Some Witnessy Shit

Some of you may or may not know, but @someguy123's company - @privex - has been under a DDoS attack for just over a week now. People have been trying to help, but to no avail. This means that things haven't been running smoothly. All of my servers were hit in some form or fashion and it has been a hectic ride trying to get things in order.

One of them, I can't even access the server as of this morning. 2 of them are writing blocks but their feeds are mucked. My personal one - most thankfully - I have been able to (after many hours of hair pulling and yelling at the screen) get back up to par. So, no, I am not hanging up my witness gloves, just had to tighten them and get back in the ring.

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Some of That PIMP Shit

PIMP Shit, huh? A few milestones for those who are and aren't P.I.M.P.s. We share more tokens than any other dividend or revenue sharing organization or community on Hive. We are on the top 20 of over a dozen rich lists in holdings. We hide nothing, there is no 'behind the scenes' sus bullshit going on. I tell it like it is and keep anyone informed that wants to take the time to hear it. Why?

I'm a muthafukn P.I.M.P. 😎 Once again, I feel it necessary to explain how PIMP works and the 'top 200'. Some of this is a repeat, but I also have to speak on how delegations tie into the whole PIMP District. We aren't a private circle jerk and I invite anyone and everyone now, that wants to learn ways to be a P.I.M.P., to join us in the Castle and find The PIMP District where we have meetings every Tuesday at 8 am CST and can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Ways To Acquire PIMP

if you already have PIMP and want more -

  • All of the above
  • Delegate HP to @tokenpimp for a PIMPed out vote (vote based on size of delegation)
  • Use the PIMP slapper on a post or comment (must have 1000 PIMP staked)
  • Delegate PIMP to the @oneup-cartel's or @lolzbot PIMP curator accounts
  • Curate other PIMPs and support the District's citizens
PIMP Slapper?

Yes. You have to have at least 1000 PIMP staked to make 1 call per day to tip someone 1 PIMP. To make 2 calls and tip 5 PIMP, you need to have 10,000 staked and so on and so forth. This also slaps the same amount to your own stash of tokens. See the following chart:

Current Tokens PIMP distributes:

Current Tokens on our (purposeful) HODL List:

The Fuck Does That Mean?

All the tokens on the first list, are ones we share every day with people that have the balls to stake our token. The distribution is set to the top 200 highest staked balances (after any outgoing delegations). Incoming delegations do not count towards totals for distribution. Outgoing delegations do not count toward your staked balance as you are not using it to curate any other PIMPs but letting others do it for you. And, since they are using it on your behalf without it being staked, it will not count for them either.

Some of you may notice that it doesn't reach 200 accounts yet (currrently the top 73 staykrz). That's because early adopters like @nathanmars and @biglove (appreciate that immensely by the way you two) have been staking them since it was created. They have a much higher percentage in the total amount of staked PIMP than even myself! Gift of the HODL. As more people acquire and stake PIMP, and our distribution center continues its pursuit of domination, it will continue to spread the wealth on to deeper levels.


Stright up, the purpose of PIMP is to get money. Yes, I love the community here, but you have to understand the realm in which you are living just by reading this. You're not on a WordPress blog. You're not on Tumblr. Or Fakebook. Or even The New York Times absorbing the media you desire - no - you're here. Here where some people use this blockchain to feed their families or fund their causes or build their dreams! So, all the profits being made by sales of PIMP from the center of operations and any other token trades, sales, swaps and earnings - are going right back into it compounding everything we can to better give back to all of you.

I often say we because I couldn't do any of this without any of you - the community. So, here, in this space, money and your network go hand in hand like a happily married couple fresh off to their honeymoon. The only difference between PIMP and others is - we want to WIN. Will we? It is yet to be proven otherwise and I'm not one to give up very easily.

Final Thoughts


A delicious thank you to @inthenow for the scrumdiddly cookies! Big shout and thank you to @summertooth and @dfinney for looking out through the rough times here. Mad love to all the people that have and are still, helping to make things easier. Those smiles above you? That's my 'why' of doing any of this. Bet. Before I forget to remind you, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when sifting through the ashes gives me emotional burns.

Official Witness Representing:

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