CoinPot Microwallet Stole 83000 Satoshi From Me

Moon Bitcoin Moved To CoinPot

It was a long time ago. I used to do some faucets like the very good Moon Bitcoin Faucet and withdraw the balance directly to a bitcoin address. One day, the site changed the withdrawal conditions and moved my BTC balance to CoinPot microwallet.

No More Automatic Withdrawal

The automatic withdrawal didn't happen like it should when the balance reach 25000 satoshi. So I claimed the property of the bitcoin address to Coinpot, signing a message with the corresponding private key.

But A Balance Reset

Imagine my anger when I saw that the address was listed in my account but my balance was reset to zero.

No Answer

I wrote to but I guess I will never receive an answer from these scammers.

Don't leave your coins on exchanges or online wallets

My bad. I should have reacted right away when the 25K satoshi withdrawal didn't happen.

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