Dawn of a humble beginning - my introductory post

In a land of myth and a time of struggle, there lived a young boy oops!
Not merlin! This is an entirely different story.
Allow me to introduce myself to you, hive nation.
I am Demiladeogo Bankole (play me bank on it by burna boy😂)


Alright let's get serious.

I'm Demilade as I stated earlier and I'm a Nigerian🇳🇬. I'm currently running my B.sc in mass communication in the university of Lagos, Nigeria (Great akokites!). I learnt cake making in 2018 but I only used to bake for my family.
Student life is not as easy as you may think especially when your monthly allowance last you for only a week or two. This here is one of the reasons I decided to taking my baking more seriously.
P.s. I specialise on cakes only.





Lovely aren't they?

When I'm not in the four walls of school or baking, I'm either eating, sleeping or thinking of what step to take to secure my bright future.


Lest I forget, playing Volleyball should be included in the list of things I do.
You'd get to find out more of Demilade in this place. Stick around because there's a lot more stuff I do and trust me when I say you'll be amazed.

I know by now you have an idea of why I'm in this space. Let me put this in crystal form.
Firstly, I'm here to advance my writing skills. As I mentioned earlier, I'm studying Mass communication meaning this medium would help me improve my writing skills which is a very crucial skill in my field of study.
Contrary to the belief that people who use recommended glasses are bookworm, I'm not a fan of reading.


Recently, I realised that reading is something I must learn to love because I need to have knowledge on a lot of concepts, ideas and opinions. I believe hive is that medium that makes it better and easier.
Special shoutout to my baby boy, @b0s for putting me through and serving as a map for me on this site. Also shoutout to @k-banti

I'd stop here to avoid boring you with long talks. Let me end with this, I am a Jesus baby and a work in progress.

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