Nov. 17, 22: Routine, Errands, Crashing, Quest, Teaching, TV, and Games


Fell asleep just a little before nine last night, but was up this morning at the ungodly hour of four thirty. I’d been awake since four and moved out to the couch, but was awake and just couldn’t get back to sleep, gave up and got up. That put me about an hour and a quarter short on sleep, and like I said before, I seem to be right on the edge; any loss has been hitting me wicked hard.

Did the usual morning routine before the Sun even thought about coming up. Nothing particularly interesting to mention in that regard, but cryptos were moving up, if only just slightly, with BTC pushing back toward $17k and HIVE around $.33. I’m still doing relatively well on Polygon, but that’s being optimistic…losing about .4 ETH at the moment. 😡

I hadn’t actually properly started any planning for this evening’s class, so I got to work. Whoosh! two or three hours passed like it was nothing and all of a sudden I was late getting started on my post for the day.

I was able to get it done on time, though, miraculously and got it shared and all that and then went back to work again for a little while. It was getting towards lunchtime already and I hadn’t done my weekly errands, so I got the dog and went for a quick ride into town and back.

My mission was successful and I got my bad habits taken care of and by then the animules were yelling at me for their lunch and I got myself a sandwich as well.

After lunch I finished up with my prep work and felt pretty good about the material we needed to cover for today and starting thinking about going out for a walk, but…

Unfortunately, for the first day in quite some time, several weeks actually I think, I didn’t get out for any kind of walk, not even a short one. 😭 I thought about it, quite a bit, both before I crashed out as well as afterwards, but between feeling so drained and it being so wicked cold and properly snowing out, minus two hardcoreness points, I didn’t go…means that I don’t have any maps or sky photo or anything either, which kinda’ sucks.

So, instead of doing anything else productive or even getting some exercise, nope, laid down and completely crashed out for about an hour and a half. Didn’t feel too awesome when I woke up either, but at least I still had a couple hours before class and I grabbed some cereal and worked on the Puzzling Places puzzle I’ve been working on the last couple times for about an hour.

Quit out, got a shower, got set up and taught Calculus class. I’d thought I might have over planned, and I did have to cut the last example short (did the setup but didn’t do all the integration - they know how to do that part anyway, was easy), but I think we covered all the examples I’d prepared…might have been one I skipped.

Was kind of a lot of material, honestly, introducing line integrals and then line integrals through vector fields (two different forms)…though they’re all connected/related, it is three different procedures. Hopefully they’ll do alright with practicing it. (Next week I’ve only got Monday and Tuesday and then the whole rest of the week off for Thanksgiving 😁🥳)

Once class got done I was jazzed up and Red Bulled up and hungry again, so I got myself another sandwich, played my WombPlay challenges after the daily reset (except Dungeon Master was borked again 😡😢), and watched some Married With Children until another pretty late bedtime.

[Yay! Despite another late start I managed to finish my post on time. I think I might overestimate the time it generally takes me since I have a tendency to take a “break” and get distracted; if I focus, about forty-five minutes to an hour seems to be enough.]

What, what?! I don’t believe my eyes. My dShitty stated income is all the way up to thirty-seven now, which is completely unheard of, and my actual income was a flabbergasting seventy-five! 😮 That’s like ten days worth of the usual shite…does this spell the end? For years they’ve been screwing us to manipulate the token price…what’s going to happen when they loosen the reigns?!


I did also get the normal token dust payouts, but they were spread all over and I couldn’t be bothered with three separate pictures.


Well, it only took one more day, but now the drunks have expired on Rising Star I have one percent Ego and it’s back to doing lessons for the time being.


Man! I really need to deal with HashKings. It’s been sitting there for several weeks now I think, what a pain in my ass.




Definitely a disappointing day as far as Splinterlands rentals go. Only about $1.7 today, which really takes a solid bite out of my daily average. Been considering possibly getting some more Nightmare packs for the bonus SPS with some of the DEC that’s there, but I still do have some SOL to buy back yet, so need to take care of that first before I start spending on stuff again. Either way, I do need to do something with that DEC otherwise I haven’t earned anything, just paid.


I guess the one upside was that the rental fee was relatively low for today and so I paid it out my SPS interest for the day and staked the rest. Pretty sure that’s the third day of staking now, so time to start saving liquid again, but I still haven’t unloaded the ones I took out several days ago.

I’d been thinking about checking on my voucher balance for a couple days as well and finally did. Didn’t have all that much, but I moved out what I had above two hundred (just been hanging onto two hundred the whole time “just in case”), but I’m not sure what the market is looking like right now, so might be sitting on those for a bit too.

GLX staking and claiming was borked for the entire day today and I guess there was a big shakeup of the Splinterlands team (lost like forty percent of their employees) and they were in meetings all day so it [even now] hasn’t been fixed. Makes me wonder where the countless tens of millions they’ve made over the last couple years have gone…paying themselves a little too much maybe? 🤔

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