HiveStats - A treasure trove of stats that could help you grow your account

I have been on Hive now a little over four months, in that time I have learned a lot from reading various posts in various communities. There is one tool that I come to use more often than others to help me with my progress and growth on the Hive Platform.


To optimize your curation rewards, you need to ensure your Voting Power never reaches 100%. Your voting mana recovers over the course of the day. A total of 20% will accrue back over a 24 hour period. Since you are always gaining, you should check at the end of each day to ensure it will not reach 100% during the night.

As you can tell, my voting power is getting close to 100% so I will need to curate some post so that it does not ever reach 100%. This is very helpful to know because I like to focus my voting and commenting in the communities which I have goals.


I have found the Curation APR to be an interesting calculation. I have seen mine as high as 21% a few days after some delegations expired. I just received some additional delegation so the APR has dropped to 3.2%. I now focus on the amount of the curation rewards instead. I try to increase it on a weekly basis.


To get to the HiveStats site, you can use the LEOFinance front-end menu or

There is lots of useful information about your account that can help direct how you engage on the Hive Platform.


The middle section provides information and stats for your Hive crypto. Each tab provides different information. The bottom section provides information and stats for your Hive Engine Tokens. The Operations tab in both of these sections will show you each activity that has occurred on your account and the rewards related to each one. I sometimes look at this to see the level of rewards that I am getting from authoring (Post and comments) and curation for both Hive and the H-E Tokens.


If you have not used HiveStats yet, go check it out. It might help you in your journey as it has helped me.


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