I.A.A.C #172: Let The Work Of Your Hands Speak For You



Hello and welcome back to my page. I am @daniky. This is the day 172 of my entry into the #IAmAliveChallenge, an initiative presented by Eric Gustafsson @flaxz.


Photo taken with Umidigi A5-Pro

#HiveisAlive, I'm thankful to God Almighty for the privilege and grace He has given me to see another wonderful day despite the toughness and fear of the pandemic.

My day was awesome as i went for the 40th Anniversary and album launch of a senior friend whose name is Mr. David Tolorunshogbon popularly known as "Davsax". Below are the pictures of his album.


Photo taken with Umidigi A5-Pro


Photo taken with Umidigi A5-Pro

The moment was also a get together as i was able to meet with some of my old friends I'm yet to see for almost a decade. Among these friends is Michael (a drummer and Sales representative by profession) and Ruben (A pianist and event planner). Below are few pictures taken after the anniversary (1st with the celebrant and his family, 2nd with Michael and 3rd with Ruben). Kindly grab a popcorn, have a look and enjoy.


I, the celebrant and his family, Ruben and Michael


(The celebrant and his senior friends)


(I and Michael at a shopping mall)


Selfie taken with techno pouvoiur 3


Selfie taken with techno pouvoiur 3


(Photo of I and Ruben)

During the course of the birthday anniversary, lots of testimonies and references were made to the life of Mr. David. Many attested to the fact that he is a man of integrity whose personality traits are worthy of emulation. He was known to be noble, humble, patience, selfless, diligent, resourceful, kind-hearted, empathetic, religious and more and more. His attributes are so much and he was said to be worthy of emulation.

This was really a challenging moment to me and other attendees as well. It's also a lesson for us to be diligent and virtuous in whatever we do. Life is temporal, the clock is ticking by the seconds and by this, as each day comes and passes by, we're gradually closer to our grave. Riches, wealth and fame and power will be no more relevant to you and me when after our demise on earth. This is why it's important to leave a landmark on earth and let our work count on the soil of time.

After you're gone your positive impacts and contributions to the life of the people far and around you shall be your voice of remembrance. The people's life you've touch and invested will definitely be your living attestation. It pays awesomely to be good at all times. So lets never relent in our good deeds and stay blessed.

I hope you find my post thoughtful. Thank you immensely for your time. Please stay safe, awesome and alive


My appreciation goes to @flaxz, @juler, @hafiz34, @zuerich, @starstrings01 and many more for your love and support. Love you all.



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