Introducing CTP Tips!


Tipping bots are VERY popular on Hive!

And rightfully so...There is something amazing about being acknowledged for your hard work and effort here on chain. It helps communities grow and makes people feel that they are valued.

It's time for the CTP Swarm to get into the tipping game and that's why today we are honored and very excited to announce:


CTP Tips is the newest tipping bot on Hive and if you have ever used these services before, you'll know how it works.

Depending on your stake of the CTP token, you can give out up to 0.5 CTP x10 times a day!

More on that in a second....

But first, how do you active the tipping bot?

!CTP is the prompt....And as long as you have a minimum of 100 staked CTP tokens, you can give out CTP tips to amazing content creators around the blockchain via comments on their posts.

How much CTP can you tip daily?

100 CTP staked = 0.10 CTP
1000 CTP staked = 0.20 CTP
5000 CTP staked = 0.25 CTP
10000 CTP staked = 0.30 CTP
50000 CTP staked = 0.40 CTP
100k+ CTP staked = 0.50 CTP

You can tip up to 10 times a day with CTP Tips as well!

What you will notice that's a little different with CTP Tips is that the notices that you have tipped or been tipped, will not show up on comments. They do however show up in your Hive Engine wallets on PeakD and CTP Talk:



We will be funding the tipping account through curation rewards and direct off market purchases by the CTP / ListNerds team to begin with, and down the road look at even more use cases for the token.

We hope you enjoy the new CTP Tips and hope this adds even more use case for the token!

Let us know, how we can improve our services to you :)


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Gift and tip CTP tokens to awesome content creators using the brand new CTP Tips Bot!

Stake CTP and use the prompt !CTP to gift tokens to your favorite creators!

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