Three commands

The announcement was recently made to limit LUV and HBIT "!" commands to themselves alone. That is, when using the LUV or HBIT command, if another "!" command was included in the reply alongside !LUV or !HBIT, the LUV or HBIT command would be skipped.

After much thinking, and after reading feedback from Hivers (and thank you for that), I've changed my mind. That's allowed, isn't it? To float an idea, to listen, to consider and reconsider, to reevaluate, then modify? So,...

LUV and HBIT will be limited to 3 "!" commands

Starting Thursday, June 16.

I feel this is a compromise between unlimited "!" commands and only 1 command.

Why even limit the commands?

I've outlined reasons before (LUV or Hivebits), but it mostly comes down to these reasons:

  1. I wish to keep the giving/sharing of the LUV token as something special. When it's copy/pasted in with eight other tokens, that's not very personal. A mass-mailed form email is not the same as a hand-written, stamped-and-mailed personal letter.
  2. There has been abuse in the form of token farming via mass copy/paste commands. This is not the goal of LUV.
  3. To slow emission and "artificial" inflation due largely to #2 above.

HBIT is admittedly different in that it can only be mined once a day, which limits farming. It's also different in that it isn't really to be given away as a special gift, but rather it is to be mined for one's self. Still, for consistency, I would like to apply the same rule as with LUV.

Why not go with only one command?

There are honest tip/engagement token users who combine "!" commands. When someone writes an honest, sincere reply and signs it with a LUV and PIZZA or a LUV and LOLZ command, that seems pretty genuine to me. The intent is really not to limit this type of thing, but the mass commands.

Also, I think it's important to be mindful of comments and spamminess and readability. Comment bloat can be a problem. (You do know you can hide bot comments, or any user's comments, by muting that account, right?) We don't want to exacerbate bloat by generating more comments and more responses.

"But aren't you doing that by going down to a max of three? Won't people just put in two comments now, or three comments, instead of only one comment?" Maybe, but a cap of three "!" commands is not a cap of one. I hope three is a happy medium.

Happy, mad

"You can't please everyone," we've all heard this maxim. One thing I've concluded is that not everyone will be happy here. The majority of people seemed to like the 1-only rule. I appreciate their support. Some folks were very much against it...I got my first "rage" emoji over this. I do appreciate the helps with a decision and means people care.

Going to 3 commands may even earn some more mad people. I can hear it now, "Why can't you make a decision? First it's unlimited commands, then it's one, now it's three. Make up your mind! One or the other! Rage! Fury! Pitchfork!"

We'll split it down the middle and go with three.

So, to be clear...

  • Okay: !LUV and a !second command and a !third command.
  • LUV will be skipped: !LUV and a !second command and a !third and a !fourth etc.

Same thing for !HBIT.


  • Other variations, like $XYZ will also doesn't have to necessarily be a "!" command, just a token command.
  • Currently, tokens like GIF or MEME are not included since they don't give tokens. That is, they don't count as one of the three allowed "!" commands.
  • As for the other tip tokens, they'll have their own rules on this.

When three?

Let's start the 3 "!" command limit soon for LUV and HBIT. I'd like to not dawdle and start it now, but setting a start date and announcing prior seems fair.

Let's shoot for a start date of Thursday, June 16. Start time...whenever I can get around to it that day.


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