Change is coming to Hivebits (HBIT)

A couple of changes are coming to @Hivebits (HBIT).

1. Reply to yourself

To earn HBIT in the near future, you will need to reply to one of your own posts or comments with a Hivebits command like !HBIT.

Replying to someone else's post or comment will be ignored. There are a few reasons for this change.

First, Hive tip or engagement tokens can sometimes be viewed as spam. This view exists because the unsolicited bot commands and replies can overtake a user's post or become unsightly to readers. Replying to your own post or comment should help cut this down.

Secondly, we already have great tip or engagement tokens on Hive! These are where you give to others as a free gift. Got LUV?

Third, Hivebits (HBIT) was never intended to be a "tip token." At first, it was not one at all...100% of the HBIT went to the person mining, not the person being replied to. But, since the HBIT command was in reply to someone, who then got nothing despite their post being used, a 10% tip to that poster was then built into @Hivebits. Like Bitcoin's your work = your reward Proof-of-Work, the idea behind HBIT has always been that if you put in some effort, then you should get the reward. This change is a full return to that ethos.

Unchanged...using a Hivebits command like !HBIT will earn you 1.0 HBIT. This is how Hivebits has always been...every HBIT is backed by someone's conscious effort on the Hive blockchain. The new rule will simply say that your !HBIT command must be in reply to your own post or comment, else it's ignored.

Also unchanged, HBIT can be mined once per day, the same as always.

2. A chance at bonus tokens

From the start of Hivebits, I (@crrdlx) wanted some sort of simple randomization involved to add a layer of fun. So, there will soon be a random chance to earn extra tokens.

This will happen automatically when you "mine" for HBIT with a Hivebits command. So, by mining HBIT, you just might, by luck-of-the-draw, find something new!

Stay tuned on this. More details will follow.

You might want to...

You might want to make your own "HBIT mine" post, if you haven't already. Then, since HBIT can be mined only once per day, you could simply reply to that post. This is what I've done (crrdlx) many times. Just note that when the switchover takes place, you will need to have your own such mine (or simply reply to one of your own posts/comments, either should work).

When will this go live?

The target date for this change is Saturday, September 10, 2022. Things will look like this:

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