Driven By The Full Moon

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After a long battle that causes a lot of disaster in the village called Xi'an where everyone is calm and polite to each other until the people from the opposite world come to take over their throne. The village is the most powerful village in that country which gave the strangers who are seen as witches. They believed that after Xi'an has been conquered, it will be easy to take over the country at large. This will be their chance to take over the country at all costs since they are about to break the backbone of the country.

The king of the village did not release the throne which put all the life and properties of the people at risk. Those who want to collect their throne are witches and they aim to make all human beings their servants but nobody in the village knows about their nature.
All the people in the village as well as the king were scared. The king decided to make an inquiry from the chief Priest who then told him that he has no solution to what is going to happen to the land. He also pronounced that these people are more powerful than anyone else has ever seen. He told the king to surrender his land to the witches as he is too weak to fight them.

Although the witches on the other hand have a little problem which they are trying hard to get a solution to so that they will be out of danger. The only problem they have is the full moon. Once it is a full moon, their powers will be gone which will make them weak and powerless. So, their powers can come back on track when the full moon comes on track. This has been the reason why they want to capture all humans which is their only solution to the full moon.
Back in the village, the king was adamant at first and never wanted to release his country to the witches. After so many battles without succeeding, he surrendered his country to the witches. After surrendering to the witches, the people of the land suffered greatly for two complete years with great labour. They were not given clothes except just the ones they had with them. After all, the people do wash their clothes and wear them after washing them at the same time.

Among those who were captured, there was a family whose compound name is Zhang and the family was blessed with a daughter called Mishi. Mishi is a powerful creature that was hidden from her parents. She was just 15years old when she discovered she can sense things from afar, see visions, and translate dreams.
She was the only one who knows the nature of those who captured them. She knew that those people who captured them are not ordinary people and not humans like them but are witches. She was afraid to divulge it to other people including her parents because she felt the people including her parents won't believe her words and they will also want to ask her how she knew about it.

One faithful afternoon she was sleeping and she had a dream about the full moon and something telling her the full moon is related to the witches. Immediately she was trying to figure out what was going on, her mum interrupted her dreams and suddenly, she shouted from her dreams thinking it was the witches that woke her up. Her mum had to question her about what happened. She asked her if she was dreaming but immediately, she changed the topic and indeed twisted her mum and it came out to be successful.

Later in the evening she took her ink and went to a tree then she drew a full moon. While drawing, one of the witches passed and saw her drawing the moon. The witch got scared about the full moon and immediately ran to alert others. They all ran with her to see things themselves. On getting there they were shocked and panting deeply and they managed to ask her why she drew the full moon even though Mishi was also scared, she told them that it had been a while since she saw the full moon and the inspiration got to her to draw.
The witches all believed her except Amara, their queen. Later on, the girl gets to figure out what the dream was all about without knowing what to do next.

After six months of suffering, Amara noticed Mishi's power but she could not figure out the kind of power she had. Then she has to look for a way to send her out of the village, she then planned to kill her parents. Later in the evening, she and her servant went to Zhang's family house to seek Mr and Mrs Zhang. On getting there she ordered Mr and Mrs Zhang to follow her to the market square. They followed her without complaining, on reaching the market square Amara ordered the servant to tie the two of them to the tree and beat them to death. They were struggling with the servant who immediately Followed the order of their queen. They asked her what their offence was but she didn't answer them and left immediately. The servant instead hides them with powers in a place where they can never be found.

did their work immediately and made sure that they died.

Back in the evening, Mishi sensed that something bad had happened, then a vision was shown to her showing her where her parents were. Immediately she went to the village square and saw her parents in a hidden place where they can no longer return.
She started cursing the witches. She ran to the King to explain, but the king got nothing to do as he was now powerless with nothing to do. He replied that he was also a servant to those who captured them. She left the king's sight and ran to the village river after packing some of her things with annoyance and tears gushing out of her eyes. The river goddess heard her cry and came out to ask why she was crying. Without hesitation, she explained to her. After the explanation, the river goddess took here to her world.

On getting to the depth of the river, she introduced the other mermaid to her, she told them to arrange where she's going to sleep.
Mishi at the same time followed the other mermaid. The next day she went to meet the river goddess who then explained some of her power to her and how she's going to use it, then she told her to wait for the full moon to come out before she can execute her plans perfectly. She agreed and started living with her and was so grateful to her. she practised her power efficiently without resting, which she did for three weeks.
She enjoyed staying with them. She even learned how to swim and it is also part of her power.

Two days before the full moon is to appear Mishi had a dream where she saw her mum and Dad telling her that it's time for revenge. She woke up and she went to tell the River goddess immediately where she explained to and the river goddess told her to pack her things and called one of the mermaids named Yin to accompany mishi to the land.
Then, Mishi and Yin set out for the journey to the village. Later in the morning, Mishi woke up and greeted Yin. They did the work for the day and after roaming about they planned on how to set up the witches. Mishi uses her power to seal the village so that they will not come out or run away from the village.
Then she stayed awake until the moon came out at midnight. The witch was looking for a way to get out of the village, but they were not able to.

Mishi saw this and she was happy and she started calling all her people in the community using a bell telling them to gather at the village square immediately. Everyone gathered including the king. She told them without a doubt that it is time to take their land back. She then explained everything to them with the aid of Yin.

Mishi advises them all to packstones and gets ready for war which they all did. With the aid of these stones, the witches were stoned until they all vanished for good. To her surprised, her parents showed up which got her excited. Everybody was happy and Mishi was asked to name anything she wanted as a reward. The only wish she made was to always observe whenever the full moon is out, they should all proceed to the river to worship the river goddess.
She left for the river with Yin and later became the river goddess.

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