A Scary Moment

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Mrs Tony has once experienced a party where she was scared and since that day she has always been running away from scary scenes. In her house, her husband always makes her so scared anytime she is having her birthday by making an offensive sound in the house just like the sound of a cat.

Mr Tony has always been doing this act and so it became part of her and so has it in mind that the time her husband is bringing up this act, means it's her birthday. She always forgets her birthday not until the husband brings out this idea to remind her.

It was a Halloween day and many people including the children were outside making themselves scared of each other by some naughty performances. This has been their usual routine anytime they are having a party. Mrs Tony was on her way from the market and discovered that everywhere we're filled up with a sign to show that a party is about to happen since she was a novice of this kind of celebration. She has never in her life heard of the name Halloween. So, she went to her sister's place initially to help her plait her hair which took her time to come back. On her way back, she saw children playing making some scary scenes among themselves and so she decided to face her own. Four kids were playing in the surroundings and as they were playing around, one decided to wrap a chair covered cloth and make it look just like a snake. Hee tied it to a rope and extended it to rope. to the side he was and where no one can see him. He began to draw the wrapped cloth when he saw that Mrs Tony was approaching. Immediately, she jumped and was shouting "help...help.. help…. The kids were laughing at her and they kept on laughing continuously without ceasing. So, she later guessed it was a joke they were playing on her.

Mrs Tony was angry but went home without doing anything to the kids but was so much angry. When she got to the doorpost of her house, she saw a snake and quickly jumped up running coupled with the anger in her. She hits her left leg on the wood they dropped close to the passage and fall. She was so lucky or else she would have broken her left leg. This increased her anger and refused to come closer to the doorpost. She later saw her husband who came out of the house and asked her what the problem was as he heard her voice shouting. She turned to look at her husband to know if he was not playing pranks on her just like what has happened to her on her way back.

The husband looked innocent and immediately told her in, but was still having the fear in her. She did not know whether to go inside or to stay. Since the husband is with her, she decides to follow her husband inside but with lots of fears in her. When she got inside, she wanted to sit and saw the same nature of a snake on the seat. The chair looks exactly like the kind of snake she saw. She summoned the courage to flash her phone torch on the seat and to her surprise saw the same object the children wrapped just like a snake on the road. She became angrier and wanted to push her husband out of her way, but could not as her husband pleaded to forgive him as he was the one who told the children to put it to scare her as it was a day to celebrate Halloween.

The husband explained the nature of this day to her since she was a novice at this event. The children came out and began to beg their mum that they would never try that kind of play never again. She later calmed down and told them never should they try this kind of play on her.

At night when she went to ease her, she jumped up on getting to the doorpost of the toilet just because of stepping on something soft on the floor. She got everyone woken up and on checking the floor, there was nothing like a snake on the floor and so, she later came back to her senses just because of her odd imagination.

It was her birthday in the following year where she did not remember as usual. Her husband went to the back of the door very early in the morning making a sound to scare her and also to let her remember her birthday. Immediately she heard the sound, she became scared again. It was the sound of a cat but sounded just like a newborn baby. This was very early in the morning where it was still dark outside. She could not go to the bathroom to urinate as she became so scared. On getting to the bed, she could not find her husband which made her get a glimpse of what was happening. She shouted...ah..!!! Ah…!!! Ah…!!! It's my birthday… immediately the husband came out and was laughing at her. They both celebrated her birthday in a confined way.

It was the season of Halloween and Mrs Tony was coming from her sister's place where she had to pass through that same route and she remembered how those kids made her scared on that same day. She got home thinking the same incident would happen as the husband and her kids made her scared, but to her surprise, she could not observe something like that but something else happened. She discovered that the curtain shifted as if it was a breeze and then packed it. She was observing and immediately someone jumped out and she ran out, but thought twice and ran back again. It was her daughter Amanda that made her scared. They both laughed over it and went inside smiling.

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