Why HiveStats is great to track your Financial Goals

This is the first day of 2022 and we all have some resolutions as well as some financial goals for the whole year. Last year I have created my Financial Goals and I have completed around 80% of the total goals, which you can read here. Do you know that HiveStats.io is great for tracking your financial goals of Hive, let me show you how?


Track your Voting Power

HiveStats gives a lot of statistics about your profile and the first one you will see is your voting power. I keep track of my voting power using HiveStats because I do not want to lose the Curation APR if it sits idle at 100%. It also helps me to keep track of the number of hours before it will be 100%, thus keeping me informed when to use my voting power and when not.

I try to keep my Voting Power above 90% and mostly at night I use my voting power so that when I sleep, it shouldn't sit on 100% voting power.

Curation APR

Along with tracking my voting power, it helps me keep track of Curation APR and thus helps in tracking the financial Goals because you can keep track of how much you will be earning the whole year if the Curation APR remains constant. Curation APR is just like Compound Interest and thus plays a big role in helping you to complete the goal which you have set for yourself.


Now, this is what everyone wants to see every day and hope it should improve with each passing day. To be honest, I do check my Total USD earned per day every day in hope that the next day it should increase, silly me.

Featured Posts

This is the new addition in the HiveStats V3 where we will be able to read all the important featured posts, which is actually quite good I guess because sometimes the good posts are missed my some and with adding that to HiveStats we will be able to read them without missing them.

Now when we come down a little we will see the four tabs, Stats, Analytics, Wallet and Rewards. Let me go through them one by one.


This gives the full statistics of your profile, like the effective Hive Power, Vote value and other important stats.


Now, this is my favourite page and actually, for monthly updates on my goal progress, I usually come to this place to see how well I am doing in completing the goals which I have set.

Here you can actually check your stats for 7 days or 30 days based on your requirement. I usually go one a month analysis of my Goals, so for me, 30 days of analytics is best suited.

With HiveStats V3, the analytics tab is opened in less than 1 second which is quite awesome. Also, we can keep track of the HBD interest we have earned in the last 30 days which is again newly added in HiveStats V3. And thus overall you will get all the important analytics in one place.

When I used to keep track of my goals every month, I used to come to this tab and try to check how many hives I have earned the whole month and how much is more needed to complete my goals.



This wallet is just like a normal wallet where it will tell the information about your Hive, HP, HBD and Savings (Hive and HBD) holdings. As well as your estimated account value.

In HiveStats V3, a new addition is that all the current price of the Hive, HBD, LEO and CUB is shown. As well as the CUB APY and bLEO.BNB APY and thus just like the analytics tab that will help you to visualize as well as track the Financial Goals.



The rewards tab gives all the information about the rewards received (all time, 7 days and 30 days) as well as some of the pending rewards.


Hive Engine

When you create your financial goals, it is not that you create your goals for Hive or HBD only. You also create your goals for LEO, Starbits, STEM etc, i.e. some of the Hive Engine tokens. So HiveStats is a great place to track your hive engine tokens goals too.


So this is how I keep track of my financial goals using the HiveStats. Also, the analytics helps me to improve myself in terms of improving my curation apr or how I can improve in increasing my account value.

Features I would like to see in HiveStats V4

As of now, I am using HiveStats for tracking my financial goals, but I am sure that HiveStats should be my go-to place every day. So I would like to see the features in HiveStats like:

  1. Whole Year Account Growth Data, this is because when you create the goals you create them for a whole year and thus it helps you to check how good you have done year to a yearly basis.

This is how I use HiveStats every day and will continue using it. With HiveStats V3, the speed of HiveStats has improved a lot and thus it makes it much more fun to check your analytics within seconds even on mobile data.

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