Tokenomics: Is This The Correct Way To Look at LBI in this Case?

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So I just had a thought, and usually when I have thoughts I need to ask the community to clarify them for me because I'm always wrong!

I just noticed that @lbi-token voted on my post, /@cflclosers/my-leo-story-to-leo-or-to-hive-that-is-the-question and I have a math type question.

Assuming the original price of @lbi-token when it was issued yesterday if they voted me up a value of 4.432 when I receive my rewards I will earn 2.2 Leo. If that is indeed correct, I could then purchase around 2 @lbi-token and it would have cost me $0.00 out of pocket?

Am I right on this? Love to grab some @lbi-token

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