Guest post by @ailindigo: Places I've lived in - Valencia III & Hometown

After two years and a half I moved back again to Valencia, to the very first place when I arrived this city, so this post should be "Valencia III" since this was the third and last time (I hope) that I got back here, but I lived here just eight months from November 2017 till June 2018, and I had stopped using my camera on 2016 because it got some issues that I couldn't fix because of lack of money, so I don't have any good pictures from "Valencia III" nor any other stuff. I spent the whole month of July in another city visiting my brother and then on August I got back to my hometown that is the place I currently am. So I will make this post about my homwtown with old nice pictures of it.

I came back to my hometown because the money I earned by working as a teacher wasn't enough anymore due to the inflation that has been increasing over time, I have had the intention of leaving the country but I was working almost 12 hours a day and I didn't have time to fix my papers and stuff plus I couldn't save money since it all got spent just on living, I started posting on Steemit since February and it really helped a lot but I wasn't making enough money to both live and save in order to leave; and because of all this I got kind of depressed, almost all my friends have left the country and I just felt stuck here with no time, just working and not enjoying the money, living to work instead of working to live, stressed because of the water and electricity cuts and some other issues in my place... So I decided to come back with my parents in order to save money and looking for better internet, I haven't got it but at least I'm saving money now.

My happiness

On this street was my old house, the house of my grandparents, the one where I spent my childhood in, I took this pic exactly from the entrance of the house and pointing down the street to the west, where the sea is, at the very end of this street, and here you can have a current version of this street. This was one of my first shots of my hometown, I came on December holidays with my new camera and was really excited and couldn't wait to take pictures of everything!

When the sun goes down

This wall was in the east part of the house, and here was the garage; I still remember how intense and annoying was the everyday sunrise, right in front of this wall there was a some kind of porch with a tv and I used to watch it with the sunlight hitting the right side of my face and also one side of the tv hahahah. The afternoon was better as you see it on this pic.

Deep Purple

My mom taught me how to drive most of the time in a neighbourhood that was always really lonely so I couldn't kill anybody heheh and I (yeah me with car) found this wall and couldn't help take a pic of it, it's great to find there are people here that listen to nice music :D

See how they shine for you?..

I took this pic from the 1st floor of a mall that is located near this part of the city I'm currently living, I found this view of these lights really cute.

On the road..

This is the port of the city, here you can have pretty nice views of the sunset but sadly at that time the place is kind of dangerous, though I went once to take pics of it and nothing happened to me heheh I'll make a post about it and I hope you can get to see it.

With the birds I'll share this lonely view

This was some kind of baseball field that was right next to the port and kids from nearby locations often came here to play, I liked this part so much that I couldn't help taking pics every time I passed by here.


This is near my zone, I can get to this place walking like 1 hour I think, a really long but nice walk. I used to visit this every January with an old friend from here before I had to come back to Valencia to start my classes at the university again, this was some kind of tradition for us hahah we both love the sea.

Here, again

I am currently living with my parents at their appartment, but my inital intention was coming back again to the old house of my grandparents since there's internet connection and the houseb is almost abbandoned, I really miss living alone but things didn't go as I planned because of several issues here. I think this city is the only thing I'll miss the most after my leaving, my grandparents' house was the only place I could ever call home. The city is called "Punto Fijo" which means "fixed point" hahahah

This is the last post of this series! Thankyou very much for watching and reading! :)

Plaves I've lived in:

1: Valencia
2: Valles de Camoruco
3: La Campiña
4: Tarapío
5: Valencia II
6: Naguanagua
7: Valencia III & Hometown


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