Tough Journey From Sigli to Banda Aceh


Hello Hivers

This will be my first post with a new account in this CCH community. This article will tell the story of a man's journey from home to return home. Don't be confused, friends, it's still about the owner of the account. I still make myself the object of the diary. It's been a while since I wrote a diary. I don't know why sometimes simple things like daily activities feel very hard to do. Is it because it looks simple? But yes, silk, yes, this time I made the determination as big as a duck egg to write this article. Hopefully it can be finished to the end, and there is something I can get back as a self-reflection. It's been a week before Idul Fitri I returned to Sigli. Uncle Ijal's house, my father's younger brother, is still a stopover. A beautiful house in a bustling village. I spent about three days in Sigli. Today I will return to Banda Aceh. Holidays are over, now is the time to get ready to do the work that is about to start. As usual, it was my motorbike that accompanied the trip to Banda Aceh. From Sigli the time shows at 11 WIB. The sun is in the mood to emit yellow light today. Had time to think about how hot the streets are today.

(Tired Face on the rest area)

From Simpang Tiga, Sigli, I had time to stop for a moment to have fun with gas. My bike must be supplied with sufficient gasoline considering the journey is quite take time. I asked the gas station employee to fill the tank to the brim. For that I have to spend up to 25 thousand rupiah. Pertamax is the choice because it is durable in use for long trips. Passing the Grong-grong city market, I was struck by a motor vehicle raid conducted by the Pidie Police officers. Luckily I completed my look with a helmet and mask. I don't usually obey that number of government regulations. Helmets are usually just perched on a motorbike, masks are often relaxed on the ears and chin. But today I used these two attributes perfectly. I thought about quitting, but I stopped because I felt I hadn't done anything wrong. I slowed down the speed of the motorbike, one or two officers in brown clothes with green waistcoats were missed. Nothing bothers me. Towards the last person, it looks like he is paying close attention. I immediately raised my hand to salute him while nodding. He replied with the same action, raising his hand and nodding his head. My relief is unbelievable. Ah you officers!




Furthermore, the trip to Banda Aceh I took was relatively safe from things that gave me a therapeutic shock. I'm really have no idea to deal with state officials. Complicated, in carrying articles. At the Saree gas station gallon I stopped for a moment. The esophagus feels very dry and inflamed. I bought a bottle of mineral water and some candy seeds. I also bought a therapeutic scented wind oil. My waist and back are about to break. Forced to continue the journey. Until finally fell in the area ahead of Seulimum. I stopped at a Sawung-shaped stall and ordered coconut water. I lay down to just relieve pain in the back and waist. Instant noodle gravy plus egg is a refreshing meal. I added another glass of coconut water plus statue stamp syrup. The taste is unbelievable. Approaching Asr, I continued my journey to Banda Aceh. I'm a little more relaxed this time. A break of approximately two hours is more than enough to restore the drained energy. I also reached Banda Aceh an hour later. Alright Hivers, that's all from me for this post. Hopefully we can all continue to be active and active properly. Stay healthy and excited. Until we meet again at another time and opportunity.


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