The Visual Monomad Photographic Challenge My Entry # 326 ~ Data collection on Rohingya refugees

Hello my friends..
As usual, on the daily monomad Challenge I want to contribute my entry for the Challenge And this is the entry for the Monomad Challenge this time.


I'm back to show you some visuals and it's also my entry into the usual black and white photography challenge. This time the visual I show is about Rohingya ethnic immigrant refugees. They were stranded in the sea waters of Aceh, Indonesia several weeks ago. Currently they have been placed in temporary shelter at my place. And, here are some visuals about checking and recording their biodata by the temporary handlers in the temporary refugee camps. Well, that's all my post this time as my entry into the black and white photography challenge and all the visuals I shared were selected as winners.





This is my entry for the #monomad challenge contest, hosted and curated by @monochromes.

CategoryBlack and White Photography
ProcessedAdobe Photoshop CC
LocationPunteut, Aceh, Indonesia

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@bnwphoto (Januar)


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My name is Januar. I live in Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh is one of the provincial cities in Indonesia. I have hobbies in photography, swimming, and others. For more details about me, you can read it in my first post on this link First my post in blog Hive


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