How to convert HBD to HIVE 3 ways to do that.

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Today we all have seen the insane pump in HBD all of sudden. Maybe we all feel good to convert hbd into the hive but this is not good HBD is supposed to be a stablecoin it has to maintain the peg of $1 USD. But unfortunately, it doesn't happen today. Still, it is at $1.30 still more than what was supposed to be.
What does think is a good thing or bad? in my opinion, this is not a good sign for a stablecoin.
So, most of us are very excited after the sudden pump and every single one of us wants to convert HBD to HIVE but all of us are that much lucky πŸ˜…, many are used to transferring their hbd to saving πŸ˜‡. And I am one of them. You can say a long-term investment.

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So let's stick to the topic. Most id us do know this already but still many new users are joining the hive and this is really a good thing if the old users can guide them.

How to concert HBD to HIVE and vice versa:

  • Convert via Ecency. (instant convert)
  • Convert via the internal market. (instant convert)
  • Convert (via peakd or via ecency in 3 days)

Convert via Ecency:

Step1: Go to ecency website.(make sure you are logged inπŸ˜…)

Step 2: Go to the wallet.

Screenshot (1527).png

Step 3: Now you will see three options there;

  • eceny points
  • Hive wallet
  • Engine tokens
    select the hive wallet portion from here it is selected default if not you should select that option for the next step.

Screenshot (1528).png

Step 4: you will find there four options:

  • Hive.
  • hive power
  • HBD
  • Savings

Step 5: Scroll down to the HBD option and you will find there are four options:

  • Transfer
  • Transfer to savings
  • convert
  • Trade token

Screenshot (1529).png

If you have to covert your HBD there are two options from that list :

  • Convert

Only recommended when HBD is below $1. You will get $1 of HIVE in 3.5 days.

It will take 3.5 days to convert, you can choose it if you want to wait for 3.5 days to get your HBd converted if not skip this step.

  • Trade token
    If you have selected this option you will be redirected to a new page that is

Screenshot (1530).png

Now you all do know what to do πŸ˜…, let me know if you need any help.

Convert via the internal market:

Step 1; Go to peaked or both have almost same options.

Step2: Go to profile and click on the wallet. this option is available on both the websites peaked and

Screenshot (1531).png

Step 3: In the wallet page you will see the following option:

  • Pending Rewards
  • Hive Tokens (HIVE)
  • Staked Hive Tokens - Hive Power (HP)
  • Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)
  • Hive Savings

Scroll down to Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) for the next step.

Step 4: On the HBD section you will see three options there used t be one more option but now it is removed from there;

  • Convert to HIVE.
  • Transfer to saving.
  • Market

Screenshot (1532).png

To convert HBD to hive we do have two options:

  • Convert to HIVE.

Convert each HBD into $1 USD worth of HIVE determined by the 3.5-day "median" price (using the price feeds from the Hive witnesses).
Hive will be created and delivered after 3.5 days by the Hive blockchain.
Because this is not a market there is no volume limitation or order book price impact on Hive or HBD.

It is the same steps as we have already seen in the above eceny website both do the same work. if you want to wait for 3.5 days then go for these steps if not skip this one.

  • Market

If you will click on the market then you will be redirected to the
is the same as we see on the eceny website above.

Screenshot (1533).png

Convert (via peakd or via ecency in 3 days)

  • visit to Convert via Ecency step 5 for that.πŸ˜…
  • visit to Convert via the internal market step 4.

I hope this was an informative post for you all(not for all sure).

If you don't want to convert HBD to hive then in my opinion starter you hBd to saving if have no idea how to do that rad this post The HBD interest and hive power

Thanks to Mr. @doze for his artwork great work.

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