BEER is kicking - Enjoy a nice uptrend and support it

Hey Friends of the BEER, dear BEER lovers

A look at the BEER token on Hive-Engine showed a nice and little uptrend on the actual price

The @beerlover saw today a price of around 0.6 HIVE (sell) and 0.33 HIVE (buy) for one BEER and this .

Seems the token has some demand at HIVE

A bit demand for BEER

Look at this chart and the nice demand for some more BEER. We will add some more BEER to the market to drive the price up to 1 HIVE


Candle sticks

There is the little uptrend as well visible


2nd best token

Whoot, as well here a good position for BEER.


New calculation for HIVE

Now it is time to have some changes as we like to increase the value of BEER and get it a bit more traded.

One thing is the integration into several games like where you can buy a BEERfest with 5 BEER.

This generate a constant grow and many request. You may as well trade cards like buildings of workers from with BEER to use your token to grow your city.

The other one is active since this weekend his week we changed as well the amount of BEER you need to have staked to call the @beerlover to send a present to some of your friends free of charge.

Now you need to have at least a box of BEER in your virtual fridge


As there are different boxes in the world we choose a traditional one with 24 bottles as our measurement.

Means for each box of BEER (24 beer) you staked, you can call the BEERbot once a day.

New calculation says

If you had 100 BEER staked, you may call the BEERbot 4 times a day for free.

Keep in mind, that you as well get your "Proof of Stake" each day for all the BEER you staked. You get this delivered direct to your staked BEER which will grow day by day.



BEER is now on HIVE
and ALL YOUR BEER is at Hive-Engine BEER
See first trading going on here

Calling to all friends of BEER

we are around 4100 holders of that token and this means a first nice and small start. Let's see what comes next.

@redpalestino @runningproject @spiceboyz @germanbot @zirochka @o4feets2paraguay @miroslavrc @klaranlage @forexbrokr @orjantomarcelo @stefano.massari @krakonos @lizelle @wartenberg @traveljack894 @fycee @suzana72 @hangin @alequandro @solairitas @drago18121996 @wilhb81 @allerie00 @clamon @houstonrockets @ifunnymemes @tammyfit95 @steemcityevent @johannpiber @solarwarrior @holger80 @condeas @jaydih @roger.remix @beerlover @rondras @edkarnie @uwelang @isdev @ibc @nicniezgrublem @mad-runner @isnochys @eii @mcoinz79 @reiseamateur @kryptodenno @ciuoto @saboin @rentmoney @tattoodjay @dylanhobalart @amico @muelli @victor-alexander @investinthefutur @tomhall @schlees @seckorama @axeman @dera123 @pjansen @mfblack @abitcoinskeptic @depot69 @rynow @gerber @bucipuci @joanstewart @steem-eng @raymondspeaks @meins0815 @tinamarr @ben2ben @achimmertens @zekepickleman @pixresteemer @ruhrsearch @balte @ben4ever @kadna @muscara @libertycrypto27 @bitandi @jeanpi1908 @janton @harveyword @cadawg @definethedollar @mermaidvampire @cloudblade @abrockman @fedesox @ervin-lemark @barmbo @jlsplatts @kirstin @uruguru @crypticat @themightyvolcano @beerlotto @coininstant @maruskina @elikast @city-of-dresden @iven @criticalthinkin @whatsup @jeffjagoe @steevc @steemrentetoken @bala41288 @pundito @bitpizza @pixelfan @dreimaldad @wakeupkitty @elizacheng @wwwiebe @riczuniform @broxi @misan @duranzo89 @freebornangel @vanessav @plankton.token @melinda010100 @backinblackdevil @crimo @tiblog @olivia08 @mkt @blue.rabbit @exyle @chriddi @methus @yuriitonkov @joanawatts @foodfightfriday @aggroed @lordvdr @yabapmatt @reggaemuffin @beers @noganoo @beer @beerchaintech @claudio83 @kus-knee @applecrisp @jjprac @amico.sports @willsaldeno @manniman @filosof103 @weedcash.rewards @otom @xlisto @mys @mittwochsquickie @investyourvote @beerbank @udabeu @jeenger @miketr @rollie1212 @pixelworld @spurisna @altobee @benedict08 @gaich @garygeo1 @godfish @banjo @davedickeyyall @qwerrie @transom @tggr @cryptictruth @chronocrypto @trincowski @fedesh @forykw @bluerobo @immanuel94 @porcocane @fishyculture @phoenixwren @cervisia @hans001 @musicvoter2 @crypto-pixie @revisesociology @donald.porter @alexvan @indextrader24 @felander @augustimo @arcange @enm1 @atomcollector @cryptospa @russia-btc @siphon @robibasa @der-prophet @desyfit @chrismadcboy2016 @bashadow @forever-crypto @feuerelfe @simplymike @isarmoewe @shasta @rentenbot @wpblogger-de @miti @actifit-peter @ronaldoavelino @traciyork @preparedwombat @brittandjosie @davidesimoncini @dustindivitto @haegar85 @moderndayhippie @theturtleproject @braaiboy @d-company @borran @cultus-forex @armandosodano @monsterbuster @abh12345 @fullcoverbetting @jedigeiss @dmilliz @dotwin1981 @thomasthewolf @mundharmonika @bethvalverde @alenox @rossfletcher @sportfrei @handofzara @jennyferandtony @zockerpeine @rullicky @amico.pal @skramatters @happyphoenix @justinparke @paullifefit @cflclosers @toofasteddie @kissi @unsuwe @verhp11 @canna-collective @summertooth @jamethiel @janasilver @jluvs2fly @cryptobrewmaster @novum @crimcrim @arunava @dandays @bambuka @dswigle @louis88 @ditsch @recording-box @nakedverse @gallya @moncia90 @browery @karinxxl @schamangerbert @apprentice001 @maarnio @psionic-tremors @stuffbyspencer @simplegame @gimba @powerpaul @c3r34lk1ll3r @bodie7 @fredfettmeister @johnspalding @primersion @elotro @blumela @artmentor @philippekiene @oldtimer @g10a @stever82 @minimining @exhaust @iamraincrystal @umuk @steem-bootcamp @steemean @shanibeer @ironshield @discernente @buggedout @huntforsteem @syalla @nerdtopiade @nodex @steemexplorers @petrvl @kanrat @johnboywalton @teo93 @tijntje @don-thomas @chunkysoupsvc @vittoriozuccala @quinneaker @bonp @tangmo @levi-miron @chroniccoin @slobberchops @meeplecomposer @quekery @wenchebakken @kieny @roundbeargames @lotto-de @flaxz @cindyhartz @xstern93 @chekohler @darrenfj @kevmcc @chruuselbeeri @jonyoudyer @freiheit20 @cezary-io @im-ridd @amico.ccc @tazi @jacopo.eth @hmayak @geiwoyibeipijiu @trumpman @jurich60 @kcgm @ayjoe @ritxi @sportcheck @daddygarsha @kristin @kubak @hairyfairy @abbak7 @beatminister @khaimi @zenuska @philfreetotravel @steemitboard @louis.random @hansgans @bozz @tsnaks @ali-h @meesterboom @myklovenotwar @tokenindustry @pacolimited @atongis

Where to find BEER?

If you like to add some BEER you find it at the #Hive-Engine at


If you have any questions, feel free to talk with us at the BEER discord chat

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

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