I'll introduce myself

Hello to all! I will introduce myself on Hive!
I'm appassionate in photography, mountain and travel.
I have a degree in physics and I work as web-programmer.
I am also a member of ‘Italian group of mountain writers’, a group of artists who think that going on mountain is not only a physical activity but, first of all, a spiritual activity.
My passion to photography started in 1993, when I bought my first reflex camera (Yashica FX-3). I have used this camera for years, together with two Nikon Fe2, shooting mainly in black&white. In 2012 I bought my first digital camera (Nikon D800) and now I’m using mainly a Sony Alpha 7iii. I love landscapes, portraits and street photography.
I love nature and mountain, I did ski mountaineering for many years, visiting many places on Alps and also in Himalaya.
I love himalayan regions, I visited many regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan, to make reportages or to trek on mountains, visiting villages and glaciers, lost in time and space.
To take pictures for me is a way to save many things that risk getting lost: culture, people, places… It is not only to capture and share my feelings, but also to preserve memories of the things in the world.
In attachment, I want to share a pic taken in Himalaya, it is Machapuchare mountain from Annapurna base camp (Nepal), a sacred mountain, during sunset. I feel there a great communion with nature, with its rules, and I feel the smallness of human being inside che mountain kingdom, but also the beauty to be live.
I would thank to @victorbz to have introduced me in Hive.
You can see some of my work here:
@traciyork @lovesniper2016_11_03_70004_machhapuchhrebasecamp_sh_reducenoise_originalsky_30x45.jpg

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