How to Make Beautiful Paper Photo Frame

Hello Everyone!

Today I make a beautiful paper photo frame. The frame is decorated with paper rolls, and flowers are also added. The flowers are two colors. They are made with circular paper of the same size. I don't make leaves for this one. I think it's very simple and beautiful. I mostly use colored paper and cardboard to make it. To make it easily, take photos of every step and write with texts on how to make it.

Needed materials

colored paper

In the first step, I cut and fold four pieces of yellow paper. I glue them along their edges. Then I cut the cardboard as a square shape and glue it with pink paper. I glue these four pieces of paper on the cardboard as a frame. I use purple paper to make paper rolls. I glue these paper rolls as shown on the frame.

I take blue and red paper to make the flowers. I draw and cut circle shapes of the same size on the paper. I fold the pieces of paper in half. I glue these two colors separately to be a flower. I make four flowers by the same way. Then I decorate them on the frame as shown.

I really like it after making this one. Actually I've never made a frame like this before. I really like the flowers from this one too. There aren't too many steps to make it. I take beautiful pictures too.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

August 30,2022
Written by @asterkame
By my photos & made by me

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