Is there no one out there worthy of my quiz?! Come on folks you can do this! And it’s a rollover prize of 10 Hive!!!!

With the help of our very own beer lord, @detlev, and the fact that the prize money rolls over to offer the winner 10 hive, I am confident that someone will rise up and attempt to answer the questions I set out in last weeks #beersaturday.

Do you have what it takes?

Beware! This is no ordinary quiz. This is a true test of your beer knowledge and I absolutely expect you to do some digging to obtain the answers. But do not shy away, the answers are out there and you’ll learn plenty of interesting facts as you navigate your way through these interesting questions.

A big thanks to @detlev for offering to help promote my quiz this week and I hope with this extra exposure we can crown a winner. So, without further a do, let’s reveal the 10 questions!!

Question 1

Westvleteren 12 has been rated the world's top beer on many occasions, but what year was it first awarded this prestigious title?

Question 2

Name 2 of the four criteria needed for a beer to be considered a true Trappist ale?

Question 3

Trappist Rochefort is brewed in which monastery?

Question 4

In the 1840s American lager beers came on the scene, but in which state were they first brewed?

Question 5

Name the 3 members of the Boch beer family? (And no, I don't mean an actual living family, I mean the different types of Boch beer)

Question 6

In Chicago, on the last Saturday in April, there is an entire day dedicated to a single beer, what is the name of that beer?

Question 7

What is the required ingredient for a beer to be classed as a Pacific pale ale/Pacific IPA?

Question 8

What do the initials ESB stand for?

Question 9

The American prohibition began and ended in which years?

Question 10

Porter is one of the cornerstones of the beer world, but where did its name originate from?

I did warn you they were tough but I know there is someone from our brilliant #beersaturday community who has what it takes. You’ll only get one chance each week to answer my questions but the first person to answer all 10 questions correctly will be crowned king of all Beer kings and awarded 10 Hive for their sheer awesomeness!

Good luck!

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