Introducing Terrive

I had a short break for the last couple of months and had nothing left to do , don't take this in the wrong way ... I usually like to just kick back and relax ,but for some reason this time I set out on making something useful for a while ...

So ... What did I do !!??


A Decentralized Photo-Sharing Platform on #HIVE

Yup !! Almost all of us wished for something like this ... right !!?? At least I did ... As of now it supports images, albums and videos ( don't forget the 30sec Cap. ) ...


I'll throw in the steps on how to post those three because the FAQs are not done yet ... So here you go ...

  • Uploading an image


    • Click on "Add"
    • Image
    • Paste the link on the input
  • Uploading an album


    • It's the same as the above but separate the links using a space
  • Uploading a Video


    • Click on "Add"
    • Video
    • Paste the link to the Video and give it a thumbnail

If it works you should have a preview below the input ...

You might have noticed by now that you would have to host the images and videos yourself ☺️ ... I personally would recommend hosting them on IPFS or Skynet for the sake of decentralization and load times for videos but a centralized one is perfectly fine too ...

The code is Open-Source and licensed under MIT. You can check the code out on GitHub ... If you find any Issues in the code please create a new pull request ( the code is a bit messy ☺️ )


A small note:

  • the whole thing is extremely alpha so expect a few bugs ( make sure to console them 😉 )
  • break time is over for me so expect the development to be a little slow ... If you could jump in and contribute it would super awesome 😊


Verify on IPFS

Help me fill up this emptiness !!!

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