EDSM - why I bought some?




following the call from @eddie-earner, to write a post for the #saturdaysaversclub, which can be read in this post, I will write you about #EDSM and why I bought some.

First, they fit into my strategic, generate passive income without any hustle and have a guaranteed minimum ROI of 20%, without taking in account the compound effect.

The #EDSM tokens generate #EDS tokens that have a roundabout 25% ROI in Hive. So if you chose to keep the #EDS tokens, you will get a minimum of 25% a year from the #EDSM. 20% guaranteed in #EDS tokens which generate an additional 25% on the 20%, which is 5% on total, so 20% + 5% = 25%.

It is better described by the picture below from the @eddie-earner account.



It fits perfectly in my strategy, where I only need to invest once and the cashflow is generated. The double up is in 4 years and from there the fun starts, as it grows on exponential level.

Besides the good return and passiveness of the investment, the team behind has a good track record in delivering results on the blockchain. The @spinvest project is the most famous.

On this project the authors that we encounter are @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer. Here I don't know how much sleep @silverstackeruk has part of, as he is active in so many projects, most based on investments.

So, the second reason why I invested is because of the team behind.


The third, but not last, is because of the money rain logo of #EDS, from the HE:

It is far better I would say, then the one from #EDSM, which I will not post in here.

Would you buy this miner with guaranteed output? Why or why not?

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