LIL: Photos for the LMAC Image Library

This week I present my fifth collection of pictures for the LMAC Image Library. The library will be an internal resource for collage creators in the LMAC community.

For this blog, I culled through my personal photos to find those that were appropriate. Added to these are pictures captured with an inexpensive camera (Kodak PIXPRO FZ53) recently purchased on Amazon.

Photos displayed in the blog are mine and are contributed free of copyright.

I encourage everyone to contribute to the LMAC Image Library. You may read about how to go about this on @shaka's posts here, and here. @shaka, of course, is the founder and leader of the LMAC community.

I hope the pictures here will be useful to future collage makers. By the way, if you haven't participated in our collage contest yet, it's a lot of fun. Join us! You will stretch your creative muscles, network with fellow creatives, and possibly win some prizes.

lmac graphic3.jpg

Great Egret Egret, Egret on the Shore, Sky
Dolphin Beach Sculpture Beach, Metal Sculpture, Dolphin Sculpture, Jones Beach
Jones Beach State Park Shrubs, Shoreline, Sky
Light at the End of the Tunnel Tunnel, Light, Perspective
Resting Beagle Dog, Beagle, Quiet Dog
Flowers in the Community Flowers, Shrub, Plant, Hedge
Water Fountain in the Park Water Fountain, Concrete Water Fountain
Promenade Plantée, Paris Paris, Promenade Plantée, Street Scene
Utility Shed Shed, Backyard, Tool Shed
Flowers in the Garden Mums, White Flower, Flower Garden
Children Playing in a Gym Sports, Children, Gym
Beagle's Face Beagle, Dog, Dog's Face
Playground in the Park Children's Playground, Park
Barbecue Grill in the Park Barbecue Grill
Street Scene in Paris Paris, Skate Boarding, Park, Street Scene
Statue of Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Paris, Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Statue, Monument
Flowers in the Garden Flowers, Plant, Garden
Circular Building in the Park Circular Building, Comfort Station, Restroom, Park Building
Small Jewelry Box Jewelry Box, Box
Scissors, Open Scisssors
Scissors, Closed Scisssors
Ceramic Owl Ceramic Figurine, Owl Figurine
Flowers: Pom Poms Pom Poms, Flowers, Plant
Dog on a Porch Dog, Squinting Dog, Porch
Beach View, Grand Cayman Cruise Ships, Beach, Grand Cayman, Ocean View, Beach Chairs
Flower Pot Flower Pot, Flowers
Halls Second Marine Battery U. S. Civil War Memorial Monument, U. S. Civil War Memorial, Sculpture
Red Flowers in the Garden Red Flowers, Flowers, Garden
Flower Pot in Front of a Suburban House Flower Pot, Suburban House, Shrubs, Steps
Bicycle Bicycle
Rooftops Against a Violet Sky Rooftops, House Roofs
Bathers in a Mountain Retreat Bathers, Rock Sculptures, Stream, Pool, Rocks, Forest
Street Scene in Paris, With Clouds Clouds, Paris, Street Scene
White Flowers in the Garden White Flowers, Garden
Multicolored Flowers in the Garden Flower Variety, Garden, Plant
Hat Hat, Beige Hat, Sun Hat, Fishing Hat
Flowers in the Garden: Violet Flowers, Garden, Violet Flowers, Plant
Dog With an Attitude Dog, Funny Dog
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