Community Antiabuse Discord Bot

Disclaimer: I did not code the bot. I don’t know the coding behind the bot. I just told @jazzhero to make it for me for kicks and giggles while compensating him with peanuts. I’ve already asked him to make a detailed post about the process for community dev out there that wants to build on the work.


I want to see a future where more communities adapt their own antiabuse programs on Hive. That community leaders adapt antiabuse initiatives on their own turf. Community leaders have more reach within their respective niche and know the social dynamics that goes on within their community. This puts them on a better position to prevent negative behaviors from their users, negotiate changes, and improve user retention.


A few years back I started engaging in antiabuse activities on the platform on the old blockchain. I found several inconveniences when doing it. There weren’t any specific dapps out there that tailored for this purpose. The only way to be effective was to piece together different tools available from the blockchain and repurpose it.

Tools that help you see previous history edits on a post became strong evidences that users intended to falsify. Records of multiple transactions between different users became leads. One had to manually spend hours browsing through the blockchain to do all this stuff.

So I said, fuck it, I need someone that can code an discord app to make this whole thing less time consuming. So I asked @jazzhero for the tools needed. He wasn’t into antiabuse but he was a curator and understood the value behind the project. I dictated the functions I wanted and he coded it on his spare time.

Note: The functions of the bot reflect what I would track when reviewing an account as significant data. The bot is more of a screening tool.

The bot can track introduction posts done by the user.


In some cases where users try to “erase” their trails by deleting their introduction post, the bot can display a different message. One can compare this message to previous entries on Discord if the same user was searched before to confirm.

intro erased.jpg

It tracks common memos used on exchanges for alt accounts.

Memo searches.jpg

It can register users under specific abuse categories within the scope of what the community deems as abuse.


Plagiarism, spam, identity theft, comment farming rewards, recycling content, and piece of shit (POS). Note that the community defines the definitions and categories are.

It can also serve as a whitelist as it only requires some change in label. No displayed here but one can pull up a specific user's record along with the url they have been registered with for documentation of proof. Other functions of the bot will not be disclosed here to prevent people from getting more bright ideas avoiding detection.

Questions you may ask with the answers:

Do you have a discord authorization link so that we can install this bot on our community?

No. The bot is currently a working prototype and not a finished product. The bot is in a few servers where people can test it. I was hoping a dev out there can create one for multiple communities or just setup their own custom bot using these ideas. It shares the same records across multiple servers at the moment so it’s going to be problematic if one community blacklists x user while the other community disagrees with x user’s blacklist. It’s better to just have your own community bot instead.

Do you plan on releasing the technical stuff that makes it work?

All in @jazzhero’s due free time. This stuff was coded for a hobby. I’m expecting a long version from him in the future. I didn't share this post to flex as I really do intend to see more communities take action within themselves.

Is it integrated to a blacklist API?

No. Maybe it’s for the best as a community can build it’s own archive.

Will you get some more funding on this through a proposal?


More functions are planned to be added to the bot in the future. If you're wondering why there's no github link for it, it's due to some scribbled notes and janky coding littered in the bot where Jazz refuses to share. Must be a programmer thing.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time.

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