Flower photography

Hello friends how are you all hope everyone is well and healthy by the infinite grace of the creator I am very well and healthy and I always wish you good health to the creator.



Friends as usual today again I am back with a photography block that is flower photography so guys without further ado let's move to the main discussion.

Many may think that where do I always collect so many photos or flower photography from? I collect all these photos from different places such as road sites or different types of sisters and jungles in Malaysia. I can't handle photography when I see some nice flowering plants and flowers in front of me so I immediately snap pictures of the flowers with my camera.



And flowers have a sudden power of their own. People who love flowers, love natural beauty, flowers become more attracted to them.

I always talk about natural beauty, many people may think that I come here to discuss on the phone, but when I talk about natural beauty, we all know why flowers come from natural, that's why I always give more importance to natural beauty, because if there was no natural, then these flowers Where did we collect from?


If you want to talk about this flower, then first of all you have to see the beauty of this flower. It is a yellow color fruit and it has four sins for which more beauty is added. Not that it's an exception, but they look pretty good

Now I don't know if people keep house at home but I went to work in a room for my work and saw some forest like place on the side of that room suddenly caught my eye. I found that if I share it among my online friends, they will like it a lot

All the pictures are taken by my own mobile phone



Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me, thank you all for being with me

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I am Md:Abu Raihan, an expatriate by profession.I have been living abroad for many years.I like blogging on online platforms the most. I always try to maintain a good relationship with my friends. So whenever I have time in my work I like blogging and gaming I try to love people so that people love me




Have a good day

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