Betterlife ! Today is Rainy Day...

Hello, Hive friends

I hope you all are well and healthy.

Stay in your homes and be safe, enjoy your life.


Today I woke up today at 6.00 am. Got up a little late today because today it was raining here since morning, due to which the weather was getting very pleasant. Then I drank some lukewarm water to get refreshed and then I came out and saw the weather that it was raining very heavily. And along with it a cold cold wind was blowing.


Due to rain, I canceled the program for walking this morning. And for a while, I sat at the gate of the house by putting a chair in it and started enjoying the weather outside. The weather this morning was very pleasing to the mind. Sitting there, I drank tea and together I took some pictures of the rain which I am sharing with you. Then I watched the news on TV, after that I took a bath and then had breakfast. After that left for office.


Afternoon & Evening

After coming to the office we come across some news. Because my work in my office is about video editing in the media line, let's go, today's news is about the rainy season, as the heavy rain today changed the mood of the weather completely. After the torrential rain, people got relief from the scorching heat. In fact, on Tuesday, the weather had changed after heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms in the evening. But again on Wednesday, the scorching heat had made people miserable. It rained heavily in the sky from this morning. Water logging in different areas of the city made it difficult for people to leave...


Torrential rains for a short while engulfed the city... the drains appeared in full spate and the city's roads became ponds. But due to today's rain, many areas of the city were also seen turning into ponds. In many areas, the roads were flooded and in many places the dirty water of the drains and drains also entered the houses.


People had to face difficulties due to water logging... Water entered many shops and even houses. Two wheelers and four wheelers could not even start water entering the silencer. Traders have also suffered due to water entering many shops. Seeing the waterlogging, it seemed as if a path was made through the middle of a pond. When it rained, then people lost their sleep… Even after hours, the water logging here was not over. However, after the rain stopped, the sun had come out.


Here, within half an hour, the water started flowing from the drains and drains on the roads. The vegetables of the people who planted were washed away in the rain. Some local people helped and saved some vegetables from flowing.. Look at these pictures again and the rain broke as a disaster and how the blood and sweat of the people were carried away in the water.


Good Night

Then I reached home by 8 pm and then I had dinner with my family and with them I watched the movie with them and after that I went to my room to write a post for And after that I finished it and then I went to sleep.

Thanks to all

I hope you like it.

Have a good day.


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