Becoming a Lady

I could still remember her as this little girl full of energy as she sings the song Frozen on our way back home from a whole day at the beach in Anda, Bohol. She was still tiny when she realized a love for water and would always ask us when will be our next outing so she could swim once again.

Oh, how time flies, and now my first ever baby, my niece is slowly turning into a fine lady.


Aiesha Zaila, turned 11 years old this year

Every February, we celebrate three birthdays, one for this lady who's birthday is on the 10th of the month, her younger brother Seth's on the 16th and my husband James celebrates his birthday on the 18th. As a result, we would go out of town to a private house or rent AirBNB so we could spend a day or two with the entire family.

Before we ended our second day at Seaheart Resort in Dauis, Bohol, I asked Aiesha if I could take her photographs as she was wearing this white dress and I think the house's ambiance would be a good spot for a quick photo opportunity. She said yes and so I grabbed my camera and just started instructing her on what to do.


She is my first niece, now, we call her Achi.

We were in our room when I asked her and the first spot was in the chair. She looked at me and I said look at the windows on your left.

Inside our room was a wall with some crochet hang in the wall, I asked her to stand and pose, she held her wrist so I asked her to cross her legs too.


Against the wall.

We went out of our room and stayed at the 2nd floor's entertainment area. I asked her to sit where there was a whale painting on the wall so I could take some photos.


Aiesha looks like her mom.

Then I asked her this time to sit on the couch and pretend like she is wandering. These are her poses:


Look to the window.


Look at the camera.


Natural pose.

From there, we went downstairs, of course, we also have to take advantage of the stairs and the long curtains of this house covering the glass walls. I love this part of the house in Seaheart Resort.


I called her and she was not ready for a shot. Hehe


Good smile from below.


Taken at the stairs.

Our first floor dining area was very messy so we went outside instead at the pool area where there was this hammock.



I missed to take some shots at the pool though but that's okay, I have my favorite pictures taken already and I was very excited to share it with the family. Aiesha's father, my brother is based in UAE at this point, he missed this event and would always ask for a photo of her so I sent it to him immediately.

I take photographs as a hobby together with my husband who loves gears. He is more into the specs and technical side while I just love to shoot.

These photos were taken with a Sony A73 and a 85mm lens.


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