TJ4REAL: HIVE Portrait Photography Entry 2

To every picture, there is a story. Today i read about a contest on Hive and its on my favorite type of photography; portraits.

Shemen Photography.jpg
This portrait describes a royal dressing in Ghana and the picture was taken as a pre birthday shoot for the subject involved. It was her 8th birthday and it landed in a time where Covid 19 had taken Ghana by surprise. I am the uncle of this girl named Nana Esi and to kill some boredom, i decided to take pictures of her to post and celebrate her on her birthday.

You are welcome to join in the contest. To know more about the contest, visit The HIVE Portrait Photography Contest Week 2 BEGINS TODAY by @portraitcontest. Show your best work and lets see who wins.

Tj4real Portrait.png

My name is Tuah Acheampong. A 5th year student at the University for Development Studies studying Medical Laboratory Science. Im also a part time photographer and a blogger who is very much enthusiastic about blockchains. I fell in love with crypto currency and starting blogging on steem. I share on current happenings, science, analysis and photography most of the time. Feel free to connect with me through my content.

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