Getting Steem and SBD back on Poloniex should be a priority given the new owners

Given what the cryptocurrency community have learnt from the Poloniex developments, I feel its imperative that the community seriously consider pursuing getting Steem and SBD trading on the platform again. It seems like Poloniex have received a burst of enthusiasm with the new shareholders. I was somewhat shock that Circle decided to part ways with the exchange given that it was Goldman Sachs backed but I feel like the regulatory uncertainty with what is a security and whats not added to the eventual decision. In fact, before the announcement, Poloniex had been on a delisting spree with the CEO citing regulatory uncertainty time and time on social media. The subsequent sale and ban of US traders on the platform signal that the exchange made a calculated decision that its future was outside the USA.

Now that we know that the new owners are indeed Asian and its close association with Tron given the fact they seem to be placing a big bet DEX being the future, I feel like its a good time for the community to pursue getting on the exchange. Asian base exchange have always been an integral part of the Steem ecosystem, in fact, more than 60% of Steem volume comes from Asian base exchange. One of the reasons having Steem and SBD on Poloniex is the potential liquidity it can bring to the Steem ecosystem. From what I am seeing, the business of cryptocurrency exchange is going to the next level. We now have the likes of Bakkt and more traditional market markers coming on stream, where traders trade would be determine chiefly why liquidity, reputation and security. Exchanges would be competing against each other and market share is going to become a big factor in 2020, with Poloniex new push and drive I won't bet against them. Ensuring that projects are listed on the most liquid and secure exchange adds dimension to a project. Given Poloniex close association with Tron and the level of energy its founder brings to the space, there could be some fireworks and lots of trading competition coming to the cryptocurrency space in 2020.

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